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What Your Job Says About Who You Will Marry

Love can happen suddenly; you find someone you just click with, and before long, wedding bells ring. Love is also slightly predictable. In fact, what job you have might tell you all you need to know about your eventual husband or wife!  Doctors Love Doctors Physicians and surgeons are most … Read more

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Why Women Quickly Lose Interest in Dating

If you had an excellent first, but your date refused a second date or, worse, just ghosted you, it’s likely due to one of these 12 reasons.   Caught up in the Moment A woman may seem into a guy because she is caught up in the moment, only to change … Read more

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13 Unwritten Household Rules That Make Sense

Society can’t function without rules, and neither can homes! While we might not have them officially written down somewhere, most of us—especially those of us who live with other people—have house rules to promote harmony and help our lives run smoother. Here are 13 household rules that make so much … Read more

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What Makes People Cringe?

Cringe is a natural reaction to people or situations you find embarrassing or awkward. So, what triggers this emotional response in you? Certainly, these 12 things make many uncomfortable!   Looking Back on Their Past Self Some people cringe from re-reading the old texts they sent, while others are ashamed of … Read more

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Why Men Are Angrier Than Before

From public outbursts and social media comments to videos, many men are now expressing their disappointment and frustrations with society. So much so that other people are starting to notice their shift in personality or demeanor. What could be the reason why? It’s likely one of these 13 reasons.  Social … Read more

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11 Things Only Kids From the 60’s Really Know About

The 60’s will always be remembered as the beginning of the modern era. It was a time of cultural expression and sociopolitical movements. But conservative practices still stayed in place. So what was it like for the children who grew up in that decade? Here are 11 defining things about growing … Read more

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