What Makes People Cringe?

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Cringe is a natural reaction to people or situations you find embarrassing or awkward. So, what triggers this emotional response in you? Certainly, these 12 things make many uncomfortable!  

Looking Back on Their Past Self

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Some people cringe from re-reading the old texts they sent, while others are ashamed of their past actions. However, one user views this differently, mentioning that the cringing is a healthy sign that one has improved. 

Family Vloggers

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“Family vlogs should be illegal. There are heaps of abuse in the film industry where there are laws and regulations. But with vlogging, there are absolutely no laws. There’s literally no one checking on those vloggers,” says a poster. 

Many people cringe because these kids don’t consent to having their videos plastered on the internet and don’t get paid for it. 

People Who Put Their Phone on Speaker in Public

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Many people hate individuals who put their calls on speaker, blast their music, or play social media videos publically. They wonder why these people can’t get a pair of quality earphones or headphones.

Can’t Grasp When to Use Too vs To, and You’re vs Your

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It’s also torture for some users when they read texts where these words are misplaced. Other notable words that confuse people are “there, they’re, and their,” “am, and I’m,” and “lose and loose.”

Tiktokers Lip Syncing a 5-Second Audio

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As if this isn’t enough, finding thousands of commentators writing “Amazing” to such TikTok posts makes many cringe. One user says, “This makes me feel a way that I can’t really explain. I legit feel my bones cracking from the intense mental discomfort.”

Very Poor Dental Hygiene

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Smelly breath automatically makes many pull back since maintaining good dental hygiene isn’t that hard. Others mention they also cringe at the sight of yellow teeth. However, some users explain their yellow teeth result from drinking coffee or using many pills in their childhood, not poor hygiene. 

People Who Obviously Lie

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Liars also make people shudder, especially when they can see through the lies. 

People Who Daily Upload Stories on Instagram

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“I once knew a person who would post several times a day about their mundane life. It is cringey how self-centered they came across with all their stories,” says a poster. Additionally, understanding that these people suffer from low self-esteem and frequently update their stories to seek validation makes some cringe. 

People Who Claim to Be Alpha Males

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People who claim the title alpha male anger a lot of people because they want to be acknowledged as natural leaders who are brave, fierce, and strong. But if they really had these virtues, they wouldn’t need to spill them out.

Also, alpha males is a myth based on flawed research and has been disproven,” adds a poster. 

Humble Bragging

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While humble bragging is meant to be modest and self-critical, it also makes people cringe. 

Using Gen Z Slangs

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“It’s even more cringe when they misuse or overuse them,” says a poster. Many people feel the slang is exaggerated and confusing.

People Calling Their Partner “Daddy”

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There are many fun, playful, and romantic ways to call a partner, but “daddy and mommy” doesn’t cut it for most people. 

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