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11 Traits That Make a Person Creepy

Everyone has their quirks. But some people exhibit odd behaviors more often than others. They end up making people so uncomfortable that others can’t stand to be around them. From not respecting people’s personal space to being overly expressive, here are 11 signs that a person is just downright creepy. … Read more

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18 Jobs People Don’t Respect at All

Let’s be honest, when people look for jobs, one of the biggest consideration is salary. And while most companies value integrity, some professions are just about the money. Here are 18 occupations that people have little to no respect for because they are thought of as extorting and borderline illegal. … Read more

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13 Sure-Fire Signs That a Person Is Toxic

Nobody is perfect. While normal people strive to be good, their bad side only comes out when stressed or provoked. Then again there are people who are just outright toxic. These are the ones who knowingly do things that they know would hurt or annoy people. If you know people … Read more

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12 Underrated Benefits of Living by Yourself

Having roommates may mean you have someone to share living costs with. But it also means less privacy and always considering other people in everything house related. Living alone gives you more control over how you live along with these 12 awesome benefits. Coming Back to Your House Exactly How … Read more

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12 Realistic Tips for Saving up a Small Emergency Fund

Is setting up an emergency fund impossible for you? You aren’t alone. But you can start small with these 12 tips. They are as realistic as finding a job that offers overtime or utilizing cashback rewards on credit cards.  Find a Job That Offers Overtime Rather than find a second … Read more

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What Your Job Says About Who You Will Marry

Love can happen suddenly; you find someone you just click with, and before long, wedding bells ring. Love is also slightly predictable. In fact, what job you have might tell you all you need to know about your eventual husband or wife!  Doctors Love Doctors Physicians and surgeons are most … Read more

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13 Things People Regret Saying During a Breakup

Breakups are always tough especially if relationships end on a bad note. People often say things that they don’t mean out of anger or spite, only to regret it later on. Here are 13 hurtful things people commonly say during a bad breakup. Have you used any of these lines? … Read more

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12 Supplies You Need to Survive Flu Season

Preventive measures like washing your hands can help you avoid getting sick during flu season. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, there’s a point when you’ll feel a little scratch on your throat, a headache that won’t go away, or a stuffy nose. Don’t fret, though. By assembling these 12 … Read more

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11 of the Manliest Sports Ever Created

Men, women, and children love watching sports, making it one of the most entertaining pastimes. But some sports were created specifically to test the brute strength and grit of men. Here are 11 sports that get men’s testosterone pumping. Caber Toss “Throwing a tree seems pretty manly to me,” confesses a … Read more

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