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People Reveal 10 of the Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Heard

Thanks to the internet, information is readily available. So it’s crazy to hear some people still uttering false details. It’s so bad that you can’t help but laugh and wonder if they are just misunderstood or sadly┬ámisinformed. Here are 10 hilariously dumb things people have heard. 1. Casinos Fear the … Read more

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10 Words People Use to Describe Gen Z

Each generation differers in how they view life and express their opinions. The older generation seems to be very vocal on what they think of today’s youth. Here are 10 words people use to perfectly describe the younger generation. Distracted The newer generation is completely distracted by modern media to … Read more

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11 Amazoning Things People Didn’t Know About

The world is seemingly dominated by bad news. Crime, disasters, and worsening climate conditions are just a few topics we read about daily. If you need a dose of positivity, here are 11 headlines that will restore your faith in the world.   Pandas Are No Longer Endangered Today, the … Read more

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12 Minor Annoyances That Drive People Crazy

In our daily lives, small annoyances can pack a big punch. Imagine getting all cozy in bed, only to realize you left something important out of reach. Or picture yourself trying to enter a space, but it’s blocked by oblivious folks. These mild inconveniences may not be life-threatening, but they … Read more

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