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25 Old School Things Kids Today Will Never Relate To

Did you grow up in the simpler times when the world was not ruled by the internet? You probably experienced calling establishments for information or manually troubleshoot electronics. Here are 25 memorable things from back in the day that kids today will (sadly) never get to experience. Calling to Hear … Read more

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12 Common Things With Hidden Dangers

You may think that common things you do or interact with are safe. But the truth is, anything can be risky if you don’t think about it well enough. Here are 12 seemingly normal things that posses high risks. 1 – Splashy Adventures Driving over a road with what may … Read more

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10 Green Flag Traits to Look For in a Person

Nobody is perfect. We all come with baggage and shortcomings. But some people are just genuinely good and mature despite their occasional mistakes. Users from an online forum share the 10 most positive traits they look for in people they want to be with. 1. Admitting When You’re Wrong Admitting … Read more

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10 Words People Use to Describe Gen Z

Each generation differers in how they view life and express their opinions. The older generation seems to be very vocal on what they think of today’s youth. Here are 10 words people use to perfectly describe the younger generation. Distracted The newer generation is completely distracted by modern media to … Read more

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