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12 Best Relationship Tips

What relationship tip would you say has helped you nurture a healthy relationship or stopped you from being in a toxic one? Here are the 12 best relationship tips recommended by members of a popular online forum.  Never Take Each Other for Granted Many people take their partners for granted, … Read more

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19 Worst Excuses for Cheating

Cheating is inexcusable and the highest form of betrayal. Some cheaters feel remorse and quickly admit their wrongdoings, while others go the extra mile and make the craziest excuses even though they are already caught red-handed.  “I Just Have a Flirty Personality” Some people will justify cheating with their flirty … Read more

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10 Tips About Dating Women by Men

While there’s plenty of dating advice on the internet, getting dating advice from Reddit is always interesting. Especially when it involves women since men dominate the Reddit demographic. We found a Reddit thread that sought to provide a dating male with cautionary dating advice about women. Here’s what they said. … Read more

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10 Best Things About Being Single Today

There is a good and bad side to everything under the sun, including being single. Undoubtedly, when everyone receives roses and gifts and goes on expensive dates during Valentine’s season, one can feel mild depression, the “Valentine blues.” Still, we must recognize the benefits of being single. Here, ten people … Read more

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20 Best Gifts for Dad

Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or Father’s Day, picking up one of these gifts for dads will put a smile on your old man’s face. He may even chuckle at some of these quirky gifts he’ll proudly use. Here are the best gift ideas for dad. Shiatsu Back … Read more

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