20 Best Gifts for Dad: Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas Ideas

Best Gifts For Dad

When growing up most people look up to their dad for support, courage, and strength. He raised you will love and helped you build your future. On special holidays, you want to cherish your father and give back what has already been given for years by finding the perfect gift ideas for dad regardless of the category he falls in.

Best Gift Ideas for Dad

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

The Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is a high-quality massager that will target the acupuncture points with the deep kneading massage. It allows different intensity levels for every person to have the experience they desire. Also containing a temperature setting to allow heat and body circulation during the massage. Using this for 15-20 minutes three times a day will relieve stress and help someone relax those aching muscles. This is the perfect gift for the father who works long and laborious hours. Give your Dad the gift of comfort with The Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager.

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager - Best Gifts for Dad

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iWenSheng Branded Key Chain

Growing up a daddy’s girl leaves a special bond between a father and daughter. A father will always be a little girls first hero. A sentimental gift idea with a daily reminder is the iWenSheng branded keychain engraved with the words “I’ll always be your little girl, you’ll always be my hero!” Made with stainless steel it has two different style options of round and square cut keychains. Every time your father leaves, he will be reminded of the little girl he raised.

iWenSheng Branded Key Chain - Best Gifts for Dad

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Amazon Print at Home Gift Card

Do you have a father who has everything and claims he doesn’t need any gifts at the holidays? The Amazon Print at Home Gift Card is the best gift if your dad falls into this category! You purchase the gift card on Amazon. Upon purchasing Amazon will email you a PDF file which you will in return print out. After printing you fold the paper in half, and it creates a card. The cards have multiple designs and purchase amounts, and they will never expire. Your dad will be able to buy whatever his heart desires with this great gift.

Amazon Print at Home Gift Card - Best Gifts for Dad

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Humorous Coffee Mug

For an avid coffee loving dad with a sense of humor a coffee mug would be a great option. The willcallyou branded coffee mug with the statement “DAD No matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children” will bring a smile and a laugh to any father’s face. The mug holds 11 ounces, is made from ceramic and is colored white with black lettering. This novelty coffee mug will bring humor wherever your father goes.

Humorous Coffee Mug - Best Gifts for Dad

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Sentimental Hammer

If your dad has helped by molding, you into the person you are today the hammer with the engraving “Thank you for helping me build my life” is the perfect gift. It has a hardwood handle with an easy to grip handle that also is shock-absorbing. While also having a polished 16 oz steel hammer head making it a beautiful and comfortable hammer. This is the perfect sentiment to show your father some love.

Sentimental Hammer - Best Gifts for Dad

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The Dad Joke Button

Quality dad jokes are a funny conversational starter and can also be great dad gifts. The Dad Joke Button provides instant laughter among the people around it. With 50 plus dad jokes, three volume levels, and batteries included the Dad Joke Button will provide those essential dad jokes. Give the gift of allowing your father to keep telling his corny jokes.

The Dad Joke Button - Best Gifts for Dad

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Engraved Cutting Board

Do you have the best master grilling dad? A laser engraved cutting board will provide as unique gift. The BESTWD branded cutting board is engraved with the words “Master of the grill and Best Dad Ever.” This helpful kitchen gadget is made from natural bamboo and can even be used as a unique home decoration.

Engraved Cutting Board - Best Gifts for Dad

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Whiskey Gag Gift

Gag gifts are quite hilarious and often times throughout your childhood you probably found your dad being on the giving end of one. Time to get back at your dad with the “Best Farter Ever. Oops! I meant Father.” whiskey glass. It holds 11 oz and is the perfect container for a wide variety of beverages. This gift will bring a memorable laugh to your father.

Whiskey Gag Gift - Best Gifts for Dad

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Personalized Dad Sign

For a more personalized approach at a gift for your dad the Personal Prints Dad and Children Father’s Sign will provide just that. Coming in three different sizes, 6.5”x18” block mount, 9.5”x26” block mount and a 13.5”x32.5” framed canvas. It has the word “DAD” written across with the children’s names of choice as well. This item is handcrafted and high-quality. Ready to be hung in your father’s home.

Personalized Dad Sign - Best Gifts for Dad

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The Cat Dad

Do you have a cat father in your life? If so, the Cat Dad T-shirt is a great wearable gift. The Cat Dad T-shirt has coloring available in black, navy, asphalt, slate, royal blue, cranberry and purple. With t-shirt categories of men, women, and youth. The sizes range from kids 2-12, women’s small-3 XL and men’s small-3 XL. For whatever cat father you have in your life they will surely love this t-shirt.

The Cat Dad - Best Gifts for Dad

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Mars Globe

Making memories by adventure with your father is a great bonding experience. To capture all those experiences in one place the Mars Dust Globe is the best gift purchase. It is made from glass with two astronauts inside one an adult and the other a child. Once shaken the dust swarms around creating a beautiful effect. This is a unique symbol of an adventurous father and child relationship.

Mars Globe - Best Gifts for Dad

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Dinosaur Garden

For the fathers who take the utmost care of their lawns and gardens adding a bit of decoration would be a wonderful gift. The Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set is made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel including a smaller and larger dinosaur with four 6” stakes two for each of the dinosaurs. This will add a fierce look to any lawn.

Dinosaur Garden - Best Gifts for Dad

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Cocktail Smoker

If you have a cocktail enthusiast father, the Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker will bring delight and entertainment. With this cocktail smoker all you need to do is fill a cup with your favorite alcoholic drink, place the carved oak design on the top of the glass, add smoke chippings, that are included, to the mesh cup and take the smoker and apply flames. This gift idea for dad will leave a cocktail of impressions.

Cocktail Smoker - Best Gifts for Dad

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Whiskey Wedge

Giving your whiskey loving dad the opportunity to create a fancy designed drink as a gift in the form of the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. This gift includes the whiskey wedge made from silicone and a double old fashioned whiskey glass. To use the product, you need to place the whiskey wedge over the top of the glass, then pour water through the wedge until the space is full, after freezing for at least four hours remove the wedge and pour a drink.

Whiskey Wedge - Best Gifts for Dad

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Home Team Baseball Game

This next gift idea is made with adding a twist to family game night. The handcrafted Home Team Baseball Game is based on an old-fashioned board game. It is labeled with whatever team logo is the favorite. It requires two teams that can have a maximum of four players each. The game is easy to play, the first batter will be moved to home plated and then they will roll the dice. Next, the outfield billboards with the dices numbers are where the player moves to. There’s a dry erase board included for keeping score. This will hit a homerun with your baseball loving dad.

Home Team Baseball Game - Best Gifts for Dad

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IPA Beer Brewing Kit

For the beer loving dad gift, the West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit is the perfect concoction. This kit includes everything your father needs to turn himself from beer drinker to beer brewer. The items included are 1 gallon glass fermenter, 1 air lock, 1 rubber stopper, 1 transfer tube, 1 tube clamp, 1 racking cane, 1 thermometer, 1 funnel, malt extract, specialty grains, hops, yeast, sanitizer, and a grain bag.

IPA Beer Brewing Kit - Best Gifts for Dad

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Gskyer Telescope

For a dad who loves all things space the Gskyer Telescope will meet all the requirements. It includes the tripod, telescope, and replaceable lens. This will make stargazing more delightful.

Gskyer Telescope - Best Gifts for Dad

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Dad Book

The “Dad, I Wrote This Book About You” is a fill in the prompt book that can be catered to your dads’ specifications. This gift provides a heart touching feel and a physical memory than can be kept forever.

Dad Book - Best Gifts for Dad

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Toilet Timer

The Katamco Toilet Timer is a hilarious gag gift for the father who spends a load of time in the bathroom. It is a functional sand timer that runs for approximately 5 minutes. This gift will bring laughter and no more long bathroom breaks.

Toilet Timer - Best Gifts for Dad

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POLIGO Barbeque Set

Some people have a backyard barbequing dad. If you have a father that loves grilling and barbecuing to perfection, then the POLIGO 12-piece BBQ Grill Accessories Set is the most practical gift. Made from heat resistance stainless steel the pieces include grilling tongs, barbeque spatula, barbeque fork, multipurpose knife, steak fork, serrated steak knife, multipurpose corkscrew, cutting board, grill glove, salt and pepper shakers while also including a waterproof cooler bag. With this gift your father will be racing to put his apron on and heading outside to his grill.

POLIGO Barbeque Set - Best Gifts for Dad

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In Conclusion

No matter what category your dad falls under from grill master to cocktail enthusiast these are great dad gifts that can provide an everlasting memory. When giving a gift to your father, it isn’t about the materialistic aspect of it but rather the laugh, smile or memory it creates together.

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