Religious Young Man Praying To God At Home

11 Reasons Why People Lose Their Faith

Nobody is born religious. The spiritual concept is gradually introduced to the point where one develops faith in a higher being. But just as faith is nurtured, it can also be lost because of these 11 reasons. Noticed Inconsistencies “One of the most annoying inconsistencies for me is how if … Read more

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Man Regretting About Car

Trading Down: Is It Smart to Downsize a New Car?

A motorist (let’s call them Dave) shares his story about buying a brand new Hyundai Tucson ($31,000 with $4000 down on a 2% interest rate), justifying the purchase with a plan to keep the car for at least ten years. Furthermore, they have $18,000 left on the outstanding balance. Dying … Read more

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A Young African American Male Sitting With Closed Eyes With The

12 Things That Ruined Religion

What would make someone renounce their faith? Is it church hypocrisy? Change of heart? Or have they found a loophole in the Bible? Former religious individuals share what made them turn their backs on religion.  Only One Religion Is Correct There are over 45,000 religious denominations worldwide. And each of … Read more

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Business Man Rich Millionaire Billionaire With Many Banknote Dollars Money

11 Things Regular People Will Never Experience

Do you remember when your parents or teacher told you that you could do or be anything in life? Well, they partly lied. We can’t argue that some things are achievable, but others are reserved for a handful of people. Here are 11 such examples.  Going to Space Space travel … Read more

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mild inconveniences

13 Pet Peeves That Annoy People the Most

Little things you do may have a huge effect on people. You may not even notice that they get bothered by it until they snap and tell you off. Here are 12 common behaviors that drive people nuts. Tutorial Videos Tutorial videos are helpful, but sometimes a simple FAQ is … Read more

Focus On The Hand Of A Patient In Hospital Ward

14 Scariest and Baffling Diseases

In the vast world of medicine, there are many conditions that a person can get. Some are rare and unfathomable, while others are common but mostly misunderstood. There are also a few illnesses that are brushed to the side because there are no physical symptoms. Nevertheless, these 14 diseases are … Read more

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