People Share What Dramatically Made Them a Happier Person

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What does it take to be truly happy? Would you say money, wealth, power, good looks, or something else? While these work for some people, most have found peace and happiness from changing their expectations, getting off social media, or getting better sleep. You’ll be surprised how these 12 things have been life-changing to many. 

Stopped Expecting to Be Happy All the Time

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Some people have realized that there are expectations and reality. They’ve learned that happiness is fun but short-lived and have stopped expecting always to be happy. Additionally, they’ve mastered the skill of being content and grateful. 

Deleting “Soul Suckers”

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Who are soul suckers? People who “feed off drama, create the chaos to feed off the negative energy, and suck the life out of you.” They leave you feeling emotionally drained after an interaction. Lots of people identified the soul suckers in their lives and cut them off completely.

Coming Off Facebook

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Some people realized Facebook was a toxic platform and deactivated their accounts. Others felt much happier after coming off Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, and X (previously Twitter). 

Getting Sufficient Sleep

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Some people think getting sufficient sleep is overrated, but it surely affects one’s mood and energy levels. Users who resolved to have a consistent bed schedule and sleep at least 6 hours a night report feeling less stressed, in a good mood, and happier.

Quitting Teaching

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Some teachers have found peace and don’t regret quitting their jobs. They love how their life becomes free of constant pressure and stress. An ex-teacher says, “I make way more money and am not constantly stressed out and working 12-hour days.”

Getting a Dog

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Other users became happier when they brought a dog or a pet home. Those unable to own one explain that they feel happy when they pet a friend’s, neighbor’s, or the local shelter’s dogs. 

Going to the Gym

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Working out at the gym also does wonders for some people. One user who starts their day at the gym writes, “Leaving the gym after a good workout at 8:45 am before work is the closest euphoria I’ve felt.”

Another poster who has enjoyed physical, mental, and spiritual benefits from going to the gym adds, “The confidence and peace/clarity of mind, physical strength, and the health it brings is something you can only really understand when you experience it yourself.”

Realizing Not Everything Is About Your Job and Career

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This realization has also brought many joy because they now view their jobs and careers as a way to make money and not the sole purpose of their lives. 

Stopped Being a People Pleaser

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Some people have resorted to making themselves happy rather than pleasing others. This has had a positive impact on their mental health because they’ve stopped giving others the power to drag them down. 

Letting Go of the Bottle

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“I’m only 4 months dry, but I feel amazing. I feel so mad at myself for not getting a handle on it sooner and wasting my best years,” confesses a recovering alcoholic. Like him, some people have become happier after sobering up.  

Embarking on a Career in Community Services

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A 48-year-old youth support worker says she is happier supporting needy people, even though she gets paid. She loves creating a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for children and young people who can’t live at home with their families. 

Trauma Therapy

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Going for therapy to heal trauma has also been transformative for some. They now understand their feeling and emotions much better, which has helped boost their confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.  

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