Why Men Are Angrier Than Before

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From public outbursts and social media comments to videos, many men are now expressing their disappointment and frustrations with society. So much so that other people are starting to notice their shift in personality or demeanor. What could be the reason why? It’s likely one of these 13 reasons. 

Social Media Makes It More Visible

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In the past, the only way to experience the wrath of an angry man was if you crossed paths with them. But today, since almost anything can be uploaded on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you’re more exposed to what an angry man would and could do in public or private situations. 

Have No Savings and High Debt

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Reasonably, some men are angry because they are drowning in debt. No matter how hard they work, they can barely afford all the basic things because their wages have not increased, yet the cost of living has doubled. 

Feels Entitled

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Also, many men feel entitled to get whatever they want, which reality doesn’t offer. This realization hurts, making them angry. 

Can’t Change the World

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A poster writes, “As a very angry man, I can say that my anger stems from my impotence to effect change in the world, mostly the government. The world’s burning, and I can’t stop it.”

Media Constantly Shows Bad Things

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Media outlets are guilty of constantly showing short, distorted clips of this negativity. And it doesn’t help that the news is replayed every hour, or there are “experts” analyzing the situation, which angers many men. 

Feel Wronged by Society

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“The 25 to 35-year-old crowd grew up being told and taught in a certain way to be a man. Then, around when we hit young adulthood, we were slammed with the notion that nearly everything we were taught was wrong, toxic, or dangerous. Now, we don’t know who we are or who we are ‘allowed’ to be. Some choose to be angry in negative ways. Others, like me, are just exceptionally frustrated,” confesses a man. 

Societal Pressure Is Catching Up

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For decades, societal pressure affected women. Now, men feel pressured to stay fit, be successful, build wealth, and have a wife and kids. These expectations to fulfill these roles without a glitch make some men angry. 

Suffering the Side Effects of Materialism

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Moreover, some men become angry after realizing that buying certain things to keep up with others wasn’t worth the high-interest loans and debts they accrued. 

Believed Nothing Wrong Could Happen to Them

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Other men are mad because they were taught they had a mystical privilege where nothing wrong could affect them. So, they ignored reports about other men being abused or suffering poor mental health. Only when they experience this are they angry for living a lie. 

Popular Culture Has Turned Against Them

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Moreover, the fact that men’s problems are belittled, dismissed, or “actively attacked by the ‘equality’ industry” has made many angry because they feel powerless. 

Attacked on Every Level

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A lady says, “Somehow, it’s still not okay, even in 2023, for men to show emotion without being emasculated. Plus, they are blamed for everything.”  Moreover, it’s males who are painted as the “stupid, gullible, and incompetent” gender on different platforms. Wouldn’t that make you angry too? 

Proper Male Nurturing as Children Has Decreased

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Many men never had an encouraging male figure growing up and have difficulty with their emotions. “Men are not taught to act properly, so they end up displaying more immature emotions for longer,” says a user. 

They’ve Never Really Had Things That Hard

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Lastly, some men are angry due to the challenging situations they are in because they’ve never encountered such. 

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