Why People Say That Sons Are Easier to Raise Than Daughters

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Which gender would you say is harder to raise, boys or girls? Most people lean towards sons being the easier gender, based on these 13 reasons. 

Ignore the Emotional Needs of Their Male Children

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First, many raise their boys to believe that crying or showing emotions is wrong. It’s by ignoring their son’s emotional needs that they feel they are an easier gender to parent. Besides, some parents believe their sons are non-materialistic, so they don’t feel compelled to buy them expensive things. Unfortunately, this is another way to ignore their needs. 

Socially Acceptable

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It’s socially acceptable for parents to ignore the emotional needs of their male kids. And not many parents question this kind of parenting. 

Justifies Their Own Lack of Effort in Raising Their Sons

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Anyone who says sons are easier to parent than daughters usually admits they don’t put in the time and effort to be with their kids. “They then act all shocked when they (their sons) turn out emotionally stunted, reclusive, or downright abusive,” writes a poster. 

Stopped Parenting Boys as They Got Older

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“I was left alone between ages 5 and 10 since I had stellar grades. My parents were mostly just feeding me between 10 and 18,” writes a user. This is the norm for most boys. As soon as they are potty trained, they are left on their own, unlike girls who are constantly monitored. 

People Have a Lot of Weird Gender-Specific Sexual Hangups

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When a sexual conversation is brought up, parents with sons aren’t as mortified as those with daughters. However, they forget that their son can impregnate too many girls in 9 months, whereas a daughter can only get pregnant once in that duration. 

They’re Stricter on Their Daughters

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People say sons are easier because they aren’t worried if they stay out late with their friends. However, the same people place curfews for their daughters and restrict who they can hang out with. 

A daughter writes, “I was not allowed to have a boyfriend, but my brother’s girlfriend was allowed to move into our house.”

Taught Sons Not to Show Their Emotions

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Additionally, parents and society teach boys that they should hold their emotions in. Fortunately, some parents are breaking this tradition and are validating their sons’ emotions. 

Don’t Think We Need to Teach Young Boys Basic Life Skills

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Also, society fails at equipping young boys with basic life skills by outlining they are meant for young girls. So, people think girls are more challenging to raise while, in fact, it’s them neglecting their boys. 

Society Tends to Not Hold Boys to the Same Behavior Standards as Girls

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“Fighting and acting out are considered more normal for boys than girls. So if a girl fights, she is a lot more likely to get in bigger trouble for it,” explains a poster. 

Since some behavior standards, including some bad ones, are excusable for boys, people think it’s easier to raise them. This is why the phrase ” boys will always be boys” was coined. Meanwhile, girls aren’t supposed to do anything wrong. 

Easier if You Tell Your Son to “Man up and Figure It Out Yourself”

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Also, some parents hide behind this phrase rather than teach them how to handle their feelings healthily. Unknowingly, they rob their boys of their childhood as they try to man up.

A parent helping his 5-year-old navigate his emotions says, “It is a lot of work, for sure. But the alternative is raising another generation of men who must learn this from their wives and girlfriends.” 

Overlooks Bad Behavior From Boys

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Moreover, society expects bad behavior from boys and, in so doing, overlook their mistakes. Meanwhile, “women are controlled and kept chase, and taught to keep their house well. There are lots of discussions about their reputations.” 

People Act Like Girls Require 24/7 Monitoring

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Lastly, people with sons believe it’s girls who need 24/7 monitoring and forget that boys need the same attention. 

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