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Why People Hate Self-Checkouts

Self-checkouts were introduced to reduce waiting times and lines, improve customer experience, and cut store costs. Unfortunately, they made our lives worse, with most people hating them for these 13 reasons.   Hate Being Made to Feel Like a Thief The numerous video cameras at the checkouts make many shoppers uncomfortable. … Read more

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11 Jobs That Are 100% Overpaid

Every job has its expected average wages, calculated based on experience and required skills. These 11 jobs, however, are overhyped, overvalued and overpaid.  Social Media Influencer Social media influencers are highly paid, with some fetching over $2 million for a single post. However, some people feel frustrated that some narcissistic … Read more

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12 Bad Things for Your Health That Are Rarely Talked About

Did you know backflips, chronic stress, and sitting down all day are as detrimental as common vices like drinking too much? These habits aren’t discussed enough, and you could unconsciously put your health at risk by doing these 12 things. Stress Chronic stress can result in a multitude of health … Read more

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24 Questions Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women

People are naturally curious about the opposite sex. But there seems to be an unspoken understanding that you’re not supposed to directly ask each other certain questions. Luckily, an online forum opened pandora’s box. Now we have answers to the 13 questions that men have been wanting to ask women. … Read more

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13 Most Common Pet Peeves That Drive People Nuts

There are certain things that just get on your nerves. It could be smallest thing, like a computer pop up that takes one click to get rid off but irrationally gets you riled up. Other times, it’s the obnoxious things that people do in public that shows they are inconsiderate. … Read more

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10 Best Things About Being Single Today

Some people think that choosing not being in a relationship is either sad or a bad excuse. But being unattached allows you to discover yourself. You also have the freedom to grow without having to think about how your choices directly affect another person. Here are 10 underrated upsides of … Read more

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13 Things That Haven’t Gone Back to Normal After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of humanity, from behavioral patterns to customer service, restaurants, and jobs. It would take about two years for some things to start stabilizing. However, these 13 things are yet to achieve their pre-Covid state.  Reduced Services for “Health and Safety” The pandemic halted businesses, … Read more

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12 Most Overrated Beverages

These 12 beverages have gained massive hype and popularity. But, some people feel they are overrated in quality, taste, and price.  Prime Prime tops the list as it doesn’t meet many people’s expectations in taste. “Prime is basically an anti-sports drink. They added a bunch of stuff your body doesn’t need … Read more

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Why Women Quickly Lose Interest in Dating

If you had an excellent first, but your date refused a second date or, worse, just ghosted you, it’s likely due to one of these 12 reasons.   Caught up in the Moment A woman may seem into a guy because she is caught up in the moment, only to change … Read more

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Why People Buy Hyundai and Kia Cars

Hyundai and KIA have a stigma for being unreliable. So, why do people still buy these South Korean car brands? These 12 factors likely draw them in.  Style Is on Point These South Korean companies aim to produce cars that stand out from the crowd by creating distinctive designs. The … Read more

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