Difference of Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

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There are several options to choose from when replacing oil for your vehicle, but you are required to know the dissimilarity between synthetic oil vs. conventional oil before picking one. Conventional oil is acquired from crude, and it is mainly preferred since it is stable and supports lubrication even in extreme temperatures. The main dissimilarity … Read more

How to Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires


Do you have a new car resting in your garage? Have you been handed down your family’s second-hand car? If so, the responsibilities of car maintenance are not lost on you. However, a good-looking car is not the only thing that is a concern for new and old drivers alike. A well-maintained car gives you … Read more

How to Start a Car with a Dead Battery

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Have you ever been left stranded after your car’s battery fails to start when leaving for work or attending an occasion? A car’s failure to start could be a result of a dead battery. A dead battery is very frustrating. A dead battery is a result of leaving the car parked for an extended period, … Read more