11 Jobs That Are 100% Overpaid

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Every job has its expected average wages, calculated based on experience and required skills. These 11 jobs, however, are overhyped, overvalued and overpaid. 

Social Media Influencer

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Social media influencers are highly paid, with some fetching over $2 million for a single post. However, some people feel frustrated that some narcissistic individuals hide behind their followers and evade justice while others are paid to do ignorant things. 

“Influencers are professional nobodies, often popular for being basic. They do nothing of importance or note,” writes a poster. 


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Some people feel politicians are overpaid. However, many argue that they receive reasonable income but make extra money through corruption and lobbying. 

“All of them are worth less than a million dollars, yet they magically jump net worth to $20 million while earning $200k annually, and then retiring with $500k annually until they die,” shares a user. 


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Realtors’ pay is ridiculous because they don’t do much for the role. Even realtors admit they are overpaid. One user confesses, “My realtor, who is also a good friend, admitted it’s kind of a scam. He charges $9k for sending a few emails and making a few calls.


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Some users feel lifeguards at the Olympics are also overpaid because, first, the swimmers are professional athletes, and second, the swimming events only last a short period. 


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CEOs also receive high salaries, about 350 to 500 times more than the average worker. And although they are in charge of running the company and making difficult decisions, they are paid too much for it. 

An angry user shares, “The last CEO who got fired from Walgreens was given an 8 billion dollar – you’re fired bonus! The new CEO they just hired was given a 3 million signing bonus!! What the heck!!”


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Bad managers are overpaid because they don’t usually care about their employees, yet they receive the bigger piece of the pie. 

Actors and Actresses

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Acting isn’t easy, but some people don’t understand why actors and actresses are paid millions. Nevertheless, others believe this is fair compensation if they’re generating millions more.

Religious Leaders

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Famous, big-time religious leaders also receive huge salaries and are among the wealthy class. Most have a net worth of above $100 million and own private jets, multiple luxury homes, and cars. 

Meanwhile, the not-so-famous religious leaders receive better salaries than the highest-paid occupations in their region. 

University Administrators

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Although university administrators are in charge of overseeing teaching and learning, they, too, are overpaid for this. 

Professional Athletes

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Also overpaid are professional athletes who take home inflated salaries. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer player, makes $215 million annually, meaning he gets $22k every minute!

Nevertheless, some people justify the pay, mentioning professional athletes are entertainers who deserve every dime, not “faceless executives who couldn’t put together 10 pushups.” 

Business Consultants

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A user who’s interacted with business consultants says, “When things were getting tight, our CEO would bring in people who would pick our brains to tell them what we need to improve productivity. Instead of taking our words for it, the CEO would gush at what the consultants told them.”

It turns out that many business consultants get overpaid, yet they don’t come up with solutions. 

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