13 of the Most Embraced Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy theories are not something new. From the fake moon landing theory to the flat earth conspiracy, they have grown in popularity. And lately, they’ve become even more rampant in the face of clear scientific rebuttals. And here are a few of the craziest conspiracies many people believe in. 

The World Is Run by a Small Elite of Hyper-Rich

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“This is why the media focuses on so much dumb stuff, all while the real news stories are getting intentionally buried so people aren’t focused on how the elite are hurting everyone and keeping people pitted against one another,” argues a poster.

Build-A-Bear’s New Toys Are in the Same Shade of Yellow Because They Bought Too Much Fabric for Minions 

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“They had stockpiled yellow fabric in anticipation of the minion toys selling well and getting a big production run and had to find a way to use it all,” writes a poster. 

Ireland Deliberately Entered Bad Songs in Eurovision

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Eurovision is an annual singing competition where 40 countries participate. The country that wins the event will host the next contest. Some speculate that Ireland, who won seven times in the 90s, sabotaged their chances of winning because hosting the event has become too expensive. 

The Weight Loss Industry Sets People to Fail

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The argument about the weight loss industry setting people up for failure is, “If their products worked, they wouldn’t have return customers.”

Phones Are Listening to Our Conversations

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One user says it “freaks me out when I think about something and the advertisement pops up.”

Disney Only Does Remakes to Keep Copyright

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Some users also believe that Disney remakes old movies to retain copyright and “make a ton of money without having to write a new story, while still being able to sell it as ‘new.'”

Bigfoot Is Really Blurry

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What’s the explanation for that blurry video of Bigfoot? Well, comedian Mitch Hedburg joked that we shouldn’t blame the photographers because Bigfoot is blurry. Even though it was just a joke, many people now believe Bigfoot is blurry. 

Bitcoin Spiked Due to Foreign Countries Paying People Off

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Also, some people argue that Bitcoin’s price spiked due to foreign countries “pumping the price up using shell accounts.”

NFTs Are for Money Laundering

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Some people associate NFTs with money laundering. One poster writes, “No one can say this picture of an ape isn’t worth $10,000, and unlike art, you can make as many of them as you want. (NFTs are) a way to chuck a large amount of money over the fence in exchange for something you can’t prove isn’t worth that amount of money.”

Microplastics Are Making People Dumber

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This is another believed conspiracy, with one user saying, “They’re hormone disruptors, and hormones control everything that happens in your body.” Another adds that it is not a conspiracy as “Microplastics are proven neurotoxins.”

Inflation Is Deliberately Maintained to Protect the Assets of the Wealthy

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While some people perceive this as an inflation conspiracy, others call it capitalism. “Capitalism is to feed the wealthy off the poor,” states a user. 

PETA Is Funded by Meat Industry to Make Animal Welfare Look Bad

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It’s wild that some people believe this conspiracy, while PETA is an organization that “advocates for animal rights and liberations” and often “makes hard decisions about animal welfare that the public can’t stomach.”

Humanity Is Not the First Advanced Civilization

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Here is an interesting argument, “Humans have been around for 10,000-15,000 years. Mammals started to appear around 200 million years ago. The first life on earth started about 3.7 billion years ago. That’s more than enough time for a species to become intelligent, build a society, have it collapse, die out, almost all signs of them disappear from the earth.”

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