White Elephant Gifts: 19 Steal-Worthy Can’t-Miss Gift Ideas

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Having a white elephant gift exchange game is a hilarious way to bring people together and break the ice. If you want to make “Yankee Swap” or “Dirty Santa” even more memorable, don’t settle for the usual presents! These white elephant gift ideas are not only guaranteed to get some big laughs, but they are also practical!

Here is a list of timeless white elephant gift ideas:

1. Humorous Coffee Mug

In addition to being a funny gag gift, this humorous coffee mug is a fully functional 11-ounce mug made from durable white ceramic. If the recipient is not a java junkie, they could repurpose it as a pencil or candy holder.

2. Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Mic

Compatible with any smartphone, this karaoke speaker mic lets aspiring singers screech their hearts out in surround sound. The mic is available in multiple colors if you want to buy something particularly gaudy for extra razzle-dazzle.

3. Adult Coloring Book

Things I Want to Say at Work But Can’t is an adult coloring book filled with one-liners like “dealing with your bull**** is not in my job description.” Each quote is surrounded by swirls, mandalas, and pretty, passive-aggressive flowers. 

4. Planter

This adorable planter’s tongue is not only for design; it is a cotton pad that functions as a self-watering device! Fill up the ceramic bowl every few days. Then the plant roots will soak up hydration.

5. Sea Salt Flakes

Hailed as “pixie dust” by its devotees, this fancy salt is the kind of thing that most people wouldn’t buy on their own but would love to receive as a gift. You don’t even have to be a foodie to appreciate it.

6. Squatty Potty

Did you know that bowel movement can be improved with a squatting posture? It’s real science. Despite its goofy name, the Squatty Potter is a solidly built piece of craftsmanship; it’s even made from eco-friendly bamboo!

It’s hard to beat potty humor when it comes to funny white elephant gifts, especially when they’re good for you!

7. Board Game

You can find funny board games that riff off popular classics, such as the “cheater’s version” of Monopoly, wherein skimming from the bank is encouraged, and landing on the jail block puts you in plastic handcuffs.

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8. Cursing Doll

As their name suggests, these dolls are meant to soothe stressful moments by providing an outlet for their owner to say “d*mmit!” whenever things aren’t going as planned.

9. Paperweight

This paperweight isn’t just dead weight for holding down files and folders. It also works as a kind of randomized fortune teller that will allow you to spin a wheel and land on sections labeled “yes,” “no,” “tomorrow,” “sit on it,” and “pass the buck.”

10. Toilet Night Light

This color-changing night light provides a soft, visible glow that cycles through 16 different colors and will lead you straight to your target with unerring accuracy. That is because the light itself gets attached to the toilet bowl.

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