Types of Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower

During spring cleaning, most people also tend to care for their lawns, planting new grass or trimming them to the right length. To get the work done, there are several types of lawnmowers that you can use. One thing you need to consider before buying a type of lawnmower is the size of you’re the area you intend to mow. This way, you can choose the right equipment to get the work done efficiently and in the shortest time frame. This article is focused on the types of mowers you can get for your lawn maintenance needs.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are several options for you to choose from in the market. However, different mowers are built to perform differently depending on the type of grass, terrain, and lawn size. This being the case, a mower that works for another person’s lawn does not necessarily mean it would be perfect for you.

Push Mower

These mowers are considered the traditional lawn mowers and popular in various households across the globe. These mowers are a perfect choice for individuals with a flat yard. Most manufacturers offer this equipment in different deck sizes to match the size of the lawn. Keep in mind that the larger the deck, the heavier the mower making it increasingly difficult to push. Push mowers are fitted with a cutting deck ranging from 16 to 22 inches, making them the ideal option to mow lawn quickly and efficiently.

With an average weight of 60-70 pounds, these mowers can also be a great way of getting that extra workout your looking for. Before making a purchase, you can find the mower’s weight listed in the manufacturer’s manual.

Cylinder Mowers

Also known as reel lawn mowers, these mowers are fitted with cylindrical blades rotating vertically in front of the mowers. They are designed to cut against a fixed blade fitted at the bottom of the mower. They generally feature three or more blades to increase efficiency. Homeowners with flat yards can use this type of mower to keep the grass short and well-tended.

All brands of cylinder mowers are fitted with a rear roller to produce a ‘stripped effect’ across your lawn. Most of them are also fitted with a grass box to collect the grass clippings leaving you with a clean and manicured lawn. They come in three varieties push mowers, petrol-powered and electric.

Rotary Mowers

These mowers are fitted with a single blade rotating horizontally under the mower. This motion is similar to that of an airplane’s propeller. When looking fr a versatile mower, then this is your best pick. Rotary mowers are able to cut through various types of grasses, making the best option when you have to cut rougher grass over an extended period of time. These types of mowers are fitted with either petrol, battery, or electric engines.

Hover Mowers

These types of lawn mowers are designed to hover above the ground. This way, they can make work easier and are also a good choice for mowing uneven surfaces. When choosing a mower for rugged terrain, this is mower should be at the top of your list as it works well for unusually shaped lawns and also comes with an affordable price tag. One thing that should keep in mind is that these mowers work best for small and medium-sized lawns. They are fitted with rotary blades with an electric-powered engine.

Self-Propelled Mowers

Homeowners with large yards ranging between a quarter to three-quarter acres can get the work done using self-propelled mowers. They are designed to push themselves to help reduce fatigue when mowing your lawn. All you have to do is set its course and walk behind it to control its path. These mowers work in two versions, front and rear-wheel drive.

Front-drive mowers- these ones are perfect for smaller lawns with several obstacles such as trees, bushes, and even garden seats. Their front wheels swivel giving you a chance to turn the mower up to 18-degrees easily.

Rear-wheel mowers- this mower is ideal if your lawn is sloping or even on a hilling terrain. This is because of their increased traction and better steering control. Keep in mind that this version is difficult to navigate around sharp turns. Real wheel mowers are a perfect choice for steep hills and open yards.

The mechanism behind the self-propelled mower contributes to the pricey nature of this equipment, both when purchasing and maintenance. However, depending on your lawn care needs and preference, as well as your personal strength, you may opt for this version.

Bagging Mowers

This is basically a modern upgrade to the push mowers. The term bagging is used to depict the technique used to catch the grass clippings. These mowers are fitted with both side and rear bags to give you a fresh-looking lawn after every mow. In addition, rear bagging models give you room to maneuver around huddles within the yard.

Mulching Mowers

These types of lawnmowers are fitted with mulching blades designed to cut grass into fine pieces. These mowers also return the cut grass to your lawn to provide you with natural fertilizer for your grass. This is one of the best options for all-around lawn maintenance. They work by improving the health of your lawn without putting in any extra effort or money. In addition, with this mower, you don’t have to worry about finding proper disposal of the grass clipping collected.

Robotic Mowers

This is definitely a step into the future. Robotic mowers are designed using the same concept used in robotic vacuum cleaners. This amazing innovation is designed to clip grass on your lawn on its own while you relax and monitor its progress. Once you have installed a boundary wire within the location you want to be mowed, you can set it to work. These mowers can be programmed to cut grass to your desire, and when you want, they are quiet enough to run at night while you are asleep. Most clients have faced challenges during programming and installation; however, you can sit back when done correctly and let the machine do its work.

Riding Mowers

This is where comfort meets functionality. With riding mowers, you don’t have to strain so much when cutting grass. This mower, however, comes in three versions, the standard riding mower, the zero-turn riding mower, and the lawn tractor.

Standard riding mowers

These mowers are fitted with steering wheels to increase comfort and maneuverability. However, they do not provide precision clipping like walk-behind mowers.

Zero-turn mower

This mower is designed to maneuver tight corners regardless of the obstacles to cut grass. Unlike standard riding mowers that find it difficult to get close enough to obstacles, these models can get you close enough to cut grass located near landscaping or objects.

Lawn tractor

Like its counterpart, this mower performs well, with the only difference being their design. In addition, this version comes in six general types to meet various lawn care needs and preferences.

Buying equipment such as a lawnmower is something that should not be taken lightly. There is various consideration that one should employ before making a final decision. Some of these include the type of engine, the type of grass, the size of the lawn, and even the price tag. Once you have all your needs checked out, go for the version that best suits you.

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