115 Questions to Ask Kids

100+ Questions To Ask Kids

Kids love to ask adults questions every day. Sometimes they could ask 50 or more questions per day. Challenge their mind and help them develop by asking children questions, too! Here are 115 questions that you can ask your kids ranging from general to silly and questions to ask children of different ages.

All of these fun questions to ask kids will spark great conversation!

A general question for kids list

1. How old are you?

2. What city do you reside in?

3. What year were you born?

4. When is your birthday?

5. What grade are you in?

6. What do you see in the sky?

7. Is it day time or night time now?

8. What are you doing now?

9. What time is it?

10. What’s your name?

Fun questions to ask kids

11. What are the colors of the rainbow?

12. What color do you like the most and why?

13. What career do you want to pursue when you’re an adult?

14. Can you make up your own story about two animals?

15. What can you make out of this Play Doh?

16. What is that you are drawing?

17. If food fell out of the sky, what type of food would you want it to rain?

18. Is there something that you would like to change about this world?

19. What would be your superhero name?

20. What would your special power be as a superhero?

21. What type of food would you be and why?

22. What food would you want to eat for an entire year if it was possible?

23. If you don’t have a pet already, what pet would you want and why?

24. What products or services would you want to sell if you were a business owner?

25. What class do you like the most at school?

Thought-provoking questions for kids

26. How are you feeling today?

27. What are you thinking about now?

28. Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?

29. Is this object smooth or rough? (any question for kids about opposites)

30. What is something that you have never done before that you really want to do someday?

31. What is your favorite way to be creative (do you prefer drawing, painting, building, or some other way) and why?

32. Where would you want to go vacation this summer?

33. If your mommy was having another baby, would you want another brother or sister and why?

Silly questions to ask kids

34. Did you just fart?

35. Have you ever eaten a booger?

36. What’s the funniest thing that you have ever done?

37. If you could dip your favorite fruit in ketchup, what fruit would you choose?

38. What’s your favorite animal to act like?

39.Would you walk with boots on your hands instead of your feet?

40. Would you want to be invisible for one day?

41. Do you prefer to be a dinosaur in the Prehistoric Age or a pet in this modern day age and why?

42. If you could be a piece of clothing, what would you be?

43. What’s the silliest thing your toy has ever done when playing with him or her?

Questions to ask family members

Questions to ask kids about mom

44. When was mom born and how old is she now?

45. What is mom’s favorite thing to do at home?

46. How many brothers and sisters does mom have?

47. What do you like most about mom?

48. What are you most thankful for that your mom does for you?

49. Do you know mom’s current career?

50. Do you know mom’s favorite food when you were in her tummy?

51. What do you see mom watch on tv the most?

52. What is mom’s favorite hobby?

53. What is mom’s real name?

54. Do you know why mom picked your name?

Questions to ask kids about dad

55. How would you describe your dad?

56. What do you like the most about your father?

57. Did dad make the first move in telling mom that he loved her?

58. Where did dad grow up?

59. What year was dad born and how old is he now?

60. What is dad’s real name?

61. What silly things did dad do with you as a baby?

62. What television show does dad like to watch the most?

63. What is dad’s career now?

Questions to ask your child every day

64. How did your day go at school?

65. What is something new that you learned at school today?

66. Were there any problems at school today?

67. What are you thinking about today?

68. Is there anything I can help you with today?

69. What are your goals for today?

70. What storybook would you like to read tonight?

71. Will you help me out please?

72. Do you have any homework to do today?

73. Do you need help on your homework?

74. What is something new you want to learn at school and/or home today?

Questions to ask school age children

Questions to ask kindergarteners

75. Can you count to 100 by 1’s?

76. Can you count to 100 by 10’s?

77. Can you write all your numbers from 1 to 100?

78. Can you add 2 plus 2?

79. Can you do 10 minus 5?

80. Can you write your first and last name?

81. Do you know your vowels and the sounds they make?

82. Can you read all your sight words?

83. What shapes can you identify?

84. Do you know all the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet?

85. Do you know any rhyming words?

86. Can you make a pattern out of these blocks?

Questions for preschoolers

87. Can you count your fingers?

88. Can you count your toes?

89. Can you count to 10?

90. Can you sing your ABCs?

91. What are the shapes in this picture?

92. Do you know all your colors?

93. Can you sing your favorite song?

94. What are you making with your blocks?

95. What are you cooking in the play kitchen?

96. Do you know your body parts?

97. Why are you feeling frustrated?

100. What happened that made you feel scared?

101. What is this a picture of here?

102. What is the character doing in this picture?

Questions to ask elementary students

103. Do you know your states and state capitals?

104. What steps do you take to solve a word problem?

105. Do you know your fractions?

106. What happens when you plant a seed and give it water?

107. Can you multiply and divide?

108. Do you have a book that you love to read?

109. Do you like writing?

110. Do you know what you want to do as a career when you become an adult?

111. What do you do when you first come home from school?

112. What 5 things would you bring with you if you went to a rainforest?

113. What do you want to do for a class trip one day?

114. How long would you spend in space if you were able to visit there?

115. What’s the most exciting activity that you do with your friends?

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