Liberals Share Their Most Conservative Beliefs

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You’d think liberals and conservatives stick to their beliefs at all times. However, each party leans on the opposite political spectrum, sometimes depending on circumstances, like these 14 liberals.

Pro Second Amendment

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Some liberals support the pro-Second Amendment and gun ownership. One even recommends schools teach about gun safety because guns aren’t going away any time soon.  

The Government Is Too Restrictive About Property Building

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Other liberals find it ridiculous that they don’t have the freedom to build whatever they want on their property. They’d love it if there were room for diversity, not uniformity. However, some people feel the restrictions are perfect because they prevent potential irreparable damages and sub-par developers. 

Some Poor People Are Actually Just Lazy

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Some liberals also believe some people are just lazy regardless of their rank in society. 

Family Structures and Communities Are Really Important

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They also admit that being part of a community leads to “better social cohesion and greater rates of happiness and fulfillment.” While the internet encourages cutting people off, some liberals feel happier when in a family structure and interacting with others. 

Too Far With the Pronouns

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Liberals also agree pronoun usage has gone too far. The mention of LatinX, he/him, she/her, and they/them have become obnoxious. 

An annoyed user writes, “Please don’t be offended when I refer to you as ‘him’ or ‘her’ based on your biological gender and appearance. We can’t read your mind, so don’t expect us to know exactly which type you are right away.”

“Amazon Won’t Sponsor Your Community Little League Team”

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Some liberals are on the conservative side and aren’t supporting big businesses. However, other liberals feel most conservatives never shop local and prefer Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other mega-chains. 

People Are Far Too Sensitive

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Liberals have noticed that many people are sensitive and are triggered by the slightest of things. Making a simple comment can quickly turn into a huge, unending debate.

Mentally Ill Homeless People Should Be Forced to Get Treatment

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The reason why liberals share this conservative belief is they believe “the lack of treatment constitutes a safety hazard to the general public.”

Tax Money Is Being Severely Wasted

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Many liberals also share they aren’t against the government collecting taxes but how ridiculously it spends it. One poster says, “We need to cut military spending for god’s sake. It’s insane how much we dump into it while our infrastructure rots and millions of American kids are homeless.”

Schools Are Becoming Too Much of a Substitute for Good Parents

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A teacher comments, “My job is to teach your kids things, not manage their complete growth and development.” However, many parents don’t have the time to instill lessons on responsibility, marriage, health, manners, social skills, etc., and leave the role to teachers. 

Too Much Bureaucracy in the Government

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Liberals agree with conservatives that this governmental hierarchy only wastes millions of dollars.

Don’t Guarantee Massive Student Debt to Anybody

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Student debts are among the main reasons many Americans are drowning in debt. So, many liberals support conservative’s belief that colleges and universities shouldn’t guarantee massive debts because they offer zero career support to students and limited job prospects. 

Transgenders Should Have a Separate Category in Sports

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Liberals also feel it’s not fair for trans people to compete in the same sports category as cisgender. 

One poster explains, “A person who medically transitions before puberty (using puberty blockers the Hormone Replacement Therapy) is physically very similar to a cis person of the gender they transitioned to in almost every performant way, which is why most restrictive sports bodies allow them to compete by gender. For those who transition later, 16-20 years, a few years of HRT has massive effects on muscle mass and mass distribution to be similar to their chosen gender.”

Criminal Immigrants Should Be Sent Back to Their Home Countries

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A liberal says, “I don’t think forging documents out of desperation should result in deportation. But some people just don’t respect our societal rules.” Like them, more liberals agree these kinds of people should be deported whether they were refugees or had sought asylum. 

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