11 Insane Conspiracy Theories That Were Proven to Be True

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Conspiracy theories surround some of the most controversial events in history. They challenge the story that was officially released to the public. Most of these popular speculations have been proven wrong by sheer facts. However, these 11 conspiracy theories turned out to be shockingly true.

Mefloquine Caused Behavioral Health Issues

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This drug was prescribed as a malarial preventative drug, and the government denied it caused long-term psychiatric issues. Years later, it was discovered that Mefloquine causes weird dreams, disorientation, severe anxiety, and unusual behavior. 

FBI Watched Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway believed the FBI was following him. It was passed off as paranoid delusions by the medical community and world at large,” remembers a user. The FBI believed he was a Communist sympathizer and had valuable information about Cuba. So they put a trail on him but denied it.


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It started as a conspiracy theory, but “during Nixon’s presidency, some people from the Republican National Committee broke into their Watergate Office Complex and stole some information.” 

President Nixon knew about the plan but denied it for two years. But when the truth about his abuse of power came out, he resigned from office.  

Global Elitist Pedophile Ring

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It is also true that rich elites run a global pedophile ring with 70,000 followers across 30 countries. Although the government shut it down, there are ongoing rumors that it still exists. 

CIA Experimented on Cats

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“In the 1960s, the CIA wanted to put microphones and transmitters inside of cats and use them to spy on the Soviets. It cost about $20 million and was a huge failure. Allegedly, the first cat they wired was hit by a car and killed very soon after they let it go,” explains a poster. 

Operation Acoustic Kitty was abandoned because the operatives couldn’t train the cats. 

Operation Northwoods

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This was a proposed operation to wage war against Cuba by blaming them for terrorist acts in the US. The catch? The real perpetrators are no other than the US government. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were in on the plan, but President Kennedy rejected it. 

Planned Obsolescence by Mobile Phone Companies

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“People suspected their phones were being slowed on purpose when a new phone arrived,” notes a user. True to their word, phone companies were placing a limited life shelf on their phones. 

Mind Control Project

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This one stated that the “government was experimenting on people” to control their minds. As it turned out, the CIA devised the project MK-Ultra in 1953 to run biological and chemical experiments. The victims included terminally ill patients, people with mental health conditions, sex workers, and prisoners. 

Oil Giants Fueled Climate Change Denial

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These big oil companies knew they were using products that would cause climate change but lied about it for decades.  

CIA Putting LSD in the Water Supply

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As part of their mind control project, the CIA also administered LSD to unsuspecting Americans. The result? Instead of creating a mind control serum, they had “a lot of rural elderly people who had no idea what was happening to them.”

The CIA is also faulted for poisoning a French village by spiking bread with LSD. Hundreds of people suffered from hallucinations and were committed to asylums.

CIA Created a Heart Attack Gun

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The CIA agency also dismissed reports of using a special gun to induce a heart attack. But it secretly used frozen darts laced with shellfish toxin on their victims. Once the poison was in the bloodstream, the cardiovascular would shut down, leaving no evidence. 

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