Gym Quotes for Motivation


If it’s been a while since you’ve trained, starting over can be very difficult. Don’t worry! These gym quotes or workout quotes can inspire you to get moving. We’ve even included some funny fitness quotes so you can make your fitness journey fun!

Exercise Motivation Quotes

Exercise motivation quotes

Exercise has numerous physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. This means that there is little to no excuse for not exercising. Here is a list of motivational quotes to get you off your seat and get moving.

  1. You only have one body to use for the rest of your life, so don’t leave it to whither from inactivity. Get up, get going, and watch yourself evolve.
  2. What good is wealth if your body cannot keep up to enjoy it? Work hard, train hard.
  3. Of all the investments a person can make, the most important is for health, and exercise is one of the largest foundations of this investment.
  4. If you make excuses to procrastinate today, you will keep doing it in the future. Time that passes is never coming back. Hence, the best time to train is now.
  5. Just get up and exercise. You’ll thank yourself after you’re done and be glad you completed it.

Gym Quotes for Men

A man using battling ropes

Most of the time, you’ll only have yourself as your biggest cheerleader, your toughest drill sergeant, and your wisest counselor. For men, training takes the spirit of a fighter. These gym motivation quotes can remind any man of what it takes to claim that warrior heritage.

  1. Training is the difference between success and failure. The harder you train, the easier your battle becomes.
  2. Your body is a sword, and training is the grindstone. If you leave a sword dull, it will rust and become ineffective!
  3. You must win first in your mind before you can win in body.
  4. Laziness is the enemy of your train ng. Discipline is the weapon of success.
  5. The strongest warriors are the ones who conquer themsel es. So stop with the excuses and defeat your worst enemy—you.

Fitness Quotes for Women

Woman drinking a bottle of water

Sometimes we just need a different perspective on fitness and training. These gym quotes can encourage women to get up and get going.

  1. Squats tone your booty, curls grow your biceps, but those doughnuts make you bigger in all the wrong places.
  2. My knees aren’t weak because of you; I just finished leg day.
  3. If your mascara isn’t running and your lipstick isn’t smudged at the gym you’re doing it wrong.
  4. Jewelry is great, but sweat sparkles are my best accessories.
  5. The strongest women at the gym didn’t start out as the strongest women at the gym.
  6. Fitness is the fountain of youth and it can be found at the gym.

Funny Gym Quotes

friends laughing together.

Sometimes, a bit of relatable humor helps us remember we’re not the only ones on this journey of hard work and struggle. These comedic gym quotes can help us cope with frustration, help gain motivation, and remind us we’re not alone in our experiences.

  1. 1, 20, 50, 1000… I count my pushups based on what they really feel like.
  2. I burn a ton of calories now only so I can make space for cake later.
  3. Oh, no, no… these aren’t tears; it’s just that my eyes are sweating too.
  4. I hit the punching bag a thousand times today so I could ignore a thousand idiots tomorrow.
  5. Keep pushing, keep grinding, and think about that doughnut you’ll have earned.
  6. Please leave me alone during burpees. That’s when I’m not the same person you know.
  7. I only cry during my workouts so I can shed excess water weight.
  8. Hours at the gym is the price I pay for five minutes of cupcakes.

Keep Moving

Don’t let yourself get stuck. Stay healthy and fit! We hope our gym quotes can inspire and motivate you to keep moving. Remember, no matter what you set your mind to do, motivation and inspiration can help you get up and get going.

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