Doorbell Rings at 4AM. It Was a Dog.

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What would you do if you were awoken at 4 AM by your doorbell? Grab a baseball bat? Hide under the covers? What if it was just your neighbor’s dog?

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In a viral video posted on TikTok by @omg_its_char, a neighbor’s friendly American Bully dog walks up and rings the poster’s Ring doorbell around 4 AM.

The dog can reach out with its paw to ring the doorbell and then til its head as it hears the chime. It finally barks when the chime ends in case the homeowner still didn’t know they had a visitor at their door.

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Not much else is included in the video, but it seems like the dog does this regularly, albeit probably during more appropriate times of the day.

The original poster later commented, saying that the dog’s name is “Bruce” and that he spent the night before being returned home the following morning. They confirmed that this wasn’t Bruce’s first visit and that:

‘He helped himself with a toy that belongs to my cat as he had the zoomies for a good 10 minutes and then finally decided to make himself comfortable on my couch.

‘I called the neighbors but nobody answered. So I left them a message that he was safe and sound on my couch.

‘The morning after, my neighbors came by to pick up their boy’

Users on TikTok fawned over the dog, saying things like:

that would be the only welcomed guest in my house ?


Clearly, it was a snack emergency he just needed to borrow a cup of kibble


The 12-second viral video has now garnered millions of views with over 5 million likes and 13 thousand comments.

What would you do if someone or something rang your doorbell at 4 AM?

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