10 Reasons Why We Won’t Get a Ring Doorbell


Video doorbells have become commonplace in today’s society since they seemingly increase security and offer you the convenience of knowing who is at your door without having to answer it. Amazon’s Ring doorbell has become the de facto video doorbell and has gained a huge following. However, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t get one.

It Requires a Good Internet Connection

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While some models allow for local storage, most video doorbells require a stable and strong internet connection. If your internet connection drops for some reason while you’re away, you won’t be able to see any recorded video.

It Requires Another Monthly Payment

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If you weren’t looking for another monthly expense, a Ring doorbell might not be for you. Most models require you to pay for a monthly or annual subscription to keep your videos. Otherwise, you can only do a live view of what’s currently happening at your front door. Since Amazon owns access to your recorded videos, they can increase the price whenever they choose.

It Might Not Improve Your Security That Much

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While a front door camera is good to have, there are plenty of other access points for intruders. Intruders can still go behind your house and avoid your camera altogether. Nothing beats a traditional home security system. Also, most insurance companies won’t give you a discount unless you have a full home security system that connects to the local authorities.

Intruders could also use the decades-old trick of taping over the camera to block the view.

It Can Be Stolen

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Ring devices aren’t immune to being stolen. Even though the star-shaped screws on them prevent the most basic of thefts, intruders can easily get their hands on one. While Amazon will replace a stolen Ring if you can provide proof, you better hope that the camera actually recorded the theft and that the video recording is stored.

You Can Be Tracked

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While you may not have to wear a tin foil hat to protect yourself, Ring devices can be hacked and used to track you. An intruder could watch a hacked feed and see when you leave the house.

Third-Parties Can Track You

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Downloading and installing the Ring app gives third-party companies access to some of your data. EFF found that the Ring doorbell app on Android shared data such as your IP address, mobile carrier, and device type.

False Alarms and Phantom Visitors

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A major complaint about Ring devices is that they sometimes send false alarms. Users get notifications that someone is at their door when no one actually is.

Privacy Concerns

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Any device that records video and audio in and around your home naturally has privacy concerns. Amazon even admitted to giving police access to Ring footage without consent from the Ring user.

Hacking Risks

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Any electronic device can be hacked, and it’s even easier when it is connected to the internet. A Ring doorbell can be hacked to use as a surveillance or spying device. Besides the device itself being at risk of hacking, hackers could also access your cloud storage to monitor your recorded videos.

You May Have to Charge It Occasionally

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If you didn’t have the option to hardwire your Ring device, you have to charge it occasionally. While Ring advertises that Ring devices can last many months between charges, the reality is if you want more frequent alerts and higher sensitivity, the battery will need to be charged much sooner. Imagine if the battery fails while you’re on vacation.

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