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Americans Commonly Misspell These 14 Words

Despite the prevalence of online grammar and spelling checker tools, recent data analysis by AI-writing platform QuillBot uncovered that over 200,000 Americans struggled to spell the word “calendar.” Similarly, QuillBot found that 87,000 Americans struggle to spell arctic. 14 – Broccoli Sharing the last spot in Quillbot’s list of commonly … Read more

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The Benefits and Downsides of Homeschooling

The concept of homeschooling is not new; it has been around for a very long time. However, there has been a surge in homeschoolers and the diversity of people adopting the practice in the last two decades.  One study found that homeschoolers have doubled since 1999, reaching 1.8 million in … Read more

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17 Unbelievable Free Online Courses + How to Find More

Taking an online course can be a great way to further your education and refine your knowledge around a specific area of interest. This article is full of free online courses that are generally more practical and accessible than going to an in-person college or trade school. Whether you’re looking … Read more

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