Best Wetsuits for Kids – 2024 Review

Best Kid Wetsuits

Many kids enjoy outdoor water activities like snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. If your child is one of them, getting the cheapest wetsuits for kids will not cut it. You’ll need to find one that is comfy and can keep kids warm. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed some of the top wetsuits for kids, including one that offers protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

What to Look For in the Best Wetsuits for Kids

It is, without a doubt, that junior wetsuits should look good on your children, but there are other factors to consider before purchasing baby wetsuits or trendy wetsuits for teenagers. These factors are:

Full-Length Versus Shorty Kid’s Wetsuits

A full-length wetsuit offers the most protection against harmful UV rays, abrasions, and stings from jellyfish. They are the warmest suits; however, the warmth is linked to the width of the skin. A full-length suit is majorly used in surfing because it shields your kids against friction on their arms as they jump.

On the other hand, shorty kid’s wetsuits are the minimalist alternative, and their coverage relies on the brand. They are often called “spring suits” since they are intended for use in-between seasons. Shorty kid’s wetsuits are also made of thick material but don’t hinder movement; they are great for swimming.


Junior wetsuit thickness measures between 1mm and 5mm. Thin wetsuits measure between 1mm to 2mm and are meant for warmer areas. On the other hand, the go-to thickness is 3mm for people residing in colder parts of the world like the United Kingdom. 4mm and 5mm wetsuits are the thickest and are meant for deep-sea diving, surfing, and triathlons during the winter.

Fit and Other Features

In addition to the design and thickness, you should also consider the wetsuit’s fit. You should select a wetsuit with a snug yet comfortable fit, meaning the neck should be a close fit and the ankles and wrists fit perfectly to curb water flushing into the suit. If you occasionally have an aquatic adventure, try purchasing wetsuits one size larger because kids quickly outgrow them.

  • Flatlock Seam – Is your kid sensitive to objects touching their skin? This is a massive challenge to parents when trying to make their children wear wetsuits. However, it would be best to consider purchasing wetsuits with flatlock seams because there is no protruding material.
  • UV Protection – Spare your child the wrath of scorching UV rays with a quality wetsuit. Only purchase a wetsuit that gives UPV 50+ protection.

What Are the Best Wetsuits for Kids?

Out of the hundreds available, these five wetsuits for kids stood out because of their price point, fit and comfort and extra features. We’ve even included boys’ wetsuits and girls’ wetsuits with striking colors.

1. Dive and Sail Kid’s Wetsuit

The Dive and Sail wetsuit is flexible and has plenty of room for kids to move comfortably. Plus, this wetsuit’s 2.5mm neoprene keeps children warm even when swimming in a 72-75°F river! If your kid loves wearing bright-colored swimming apparel, you’ll be happy to know that this wetsuit from Dive and Sail is available in 13 different colors, including pink and yellow!

Dive and Sail Kid’s Wetsuit

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2. O’Neill Wetsuit

Whether heading to the beach or the local swimming pool, this wetsuit for toddlers will fight off shivers thanks to its 2mm neoprene fabric. Moms also love this wetsuit’s clever back zipper closure and snug fit. We highly suggest going one size up if you’re considering this wetsuit.

O’Neill Wetsuit

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3. Realon Kids Wetsuit

Wetsuit from Realon is available in two thickness options – 2mm and 3mm. And similar to other wetsuits for kids that we’ve mentioned, it uses a neoprene material and a back zipper. So, why do parents rave about this wetsuit? It provides not only cold protection but also UV protection; its fabric has UPF 50+ rating.

Realon Kids Wetsuit

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4. Skyone Wetsuit

Skyone Wetsuit is the only wetsuit on our list that features bright and bold patterns that children will love. Aside from its attention-grabbing style, this wetsuit from Skyone also boasts high-quality and flexible fabric and a 2mm thickness to prevent the cold from bothering your child.

Skyone Wetsuit

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5. Aunua Children’s Wetsuit

If you prefer a shorty kid’s wetsuit, you can’t go wrong with Aunua. Its shorty wetsuit offers maximum movement, especially for kids who love to run around along the coastline. It is also 3mm thick, making it best for colder waters. And the best part? The size chart is spot on.

Aunua Children’s Wetsuit

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Don’t let the cold water ruin your child’s aquatic adventure – whether at the beach or local pool. Opt for a wetsuit for cold and UV protection! Skip the Lyra swimsuits and boardshorts for kids.

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