Best Locks for Hose Bibs and Outdoor Faucet Locks

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Ever wondered why your water bill was so high one month compared to the rest of the year even though you were on vacation? Maybe your neighbors or the local landscaper used your outdoor water spigot without your knowledge while you were on vacation. While your cameras may have picked up their misbehavior, why not actively prevent them from stealing your water again with these excellent water spigot locks?

What Is a Spigot Lock or Hose Bib Lock?

Spigot or hose bib locks prevent your outdoor faucets from being turned on. They are great for preventing water theft, vandalism, and leaks that create water waste. There are several different styles of locks, but all of them perform the same function; preventing unauthorized use of your water. Hose bib locks easily attach to your existing hose bibs or spigots and work with a padlock to prevent tampering.

Types of Spigot Locks

There are several different types of spigot locks that all serve the same function.

Valve Lockout (Bib Lock for Handles)

The purpose of a valve lock is to prevent someone from turning the valve that lets the water flow. Generally, the lock is a plastic or metal cover that goes around the valve and locks with a padlock. When someone tries to turn on the water valve, the cover just spins and doesn’t engage with the actual valve. With these types of locks, it is very important to measure the handle size of your hose spigot since handles are not all standard sizes.


These are easy locks to install and generally do the job.


The downside to valve lockouts is that they are generally very bright and ugly colors (like bright red) since they are usually used for gas and other dangerous valves that need a bright warning. Also, if you have an odd-shaped valve (oval for example), water thieves will still be able to squeeze the lock and turn the valve.

Zing Green Products 7103 RecycLockout Gate Valve Lockout, USA Made Recycled Plastic, Covers 1 to 2.25 Inch Valves

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Faucet Lock

These types of spigot locks cover the entire faucet, including the handle. They work with most standard outdoor facuets, but if you have a large handle they mayu not work for you.


Fit standard faucet sizes and are great for indoor and outdoor use.


These locks aren’t very elegant and depending on your facuet handle size, tyou may need to get a larger one. They also require a separate padlock that may or may not come with the lock.

Outdoor Faucet Lock System to Prevent Unauthorized use and Vandalism Garden Hose and casing Lock and Water-Saving Cover, and Easy to Install (Blue A)

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Spout Lock

These locks attach directly to the spigot opening, called the spout. They create a water seal that prevents any water from coming out when the valve handle is turned on. When locked, the outside rim spins freely so that the lock cannot be removed from the spigot thereby preventing any water theft.


These locks look sleek and come with a built-in lock.


These locks can be tricky to install properly. It may take several attempts to lock.

Flow Security Systems The FaucetLock | Heavy Duty Brass Construction | Prevents Water Theft & Secures Outdoor Bibbs | Promotes Water Conservation | Keyed Randomly | FSS 50 | 1 Pack

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5 Best Hose Bib Locks and Spigot Locks

Below are our recommended locks for hose bibs and spigots. We have tested and tried these spigot locks on our own home to xsee whether they are worth using or not.

1. The FaucetLock

This is a great spigot lock for almost any outdoor spigot. It’s a little tricky to get the lock to lock properly and not unscrew when locked, but once it’s locked it creates a waterproof seal that will not leak when someone turns on your spigot valve. That way even if someone dares to turn the valve on, the spigots watertight seal won’t leak water. And when someone tries to unscrew it, the lock and padlock spin freely so it cannot be removed with the key. We’ve used these on our house and recommended them to our neighbors. You can buy FaucetLocks that are keyed alike if you have several hose spigots that you want to lock to prevent unauthorized water use, but only want to worry about one key.

Flow Security Systems The FaucetLock | Heavy Duty Brass Construction | Prevents Water Theft & Secures Outdoor Bibbs | Promotes Water Conservation | Keyed Randomly | FSS 50 | 1 Pack

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2. Water Faucet Lock

This metal faucet lock also fits on the spout of a spigot. The lock features a rubber washer inside that creates an excellent seal to prevent water from leaking out. The hose cover fits padlocks with shackle diameters of 1/4-inch or less.

NU-SET Water Faucet Lock - Key Lock, Chrome, Rubber Material, Fits 3/4-Inch Garden Hose Bib

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3. Conservco DSL-1 Hose Bibb Lock

Another great spout lock, the Conservco Bibb Lock attaches to the water outlet of your spigot and securely fits in place with a padlock (not included). This is a great alternative to the FaucetLock if you have your own padlocks already since they are cheaper.

Conservco Hose Spigot Bib Lock

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4. Zing Green Products 7103 RecycLockout Gate Valve Lockout

This lock fits around the valve handle and locks witha padlock. The whole shell spins when turned and doesn’t engage with the valve handle so your handle can’t be turned on, at least not easily. We have had issues with these handle locks when our handles were oval shaped. A sligth squeeze on the plastic, and the shell would engage the lock enabling it be turned on. The colors are also unsightly for nuetral-colored homes.

Zing Green Products 7103 RecycLockout Gate Valve Lockout, USA Made Recycled Plastic, Covers 1 to 2.25 Inch Valves

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5. TEMEILI Faucet Lock

This lock covers your entire hose bib to prevent water theives from accessing the handle to turn on your spigot. Small fingers might still be able to reach up to turn on the handle, but in general this is a good deterrent.

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