The Best Cities in the US to Raise Kids


Finding a suitable place in the US to raise children can be challenging since you need the ideal balance of security, excellent schools, and enjoyable activities. In this post, we’ll look at the best locations where families can take advantage of a fantastic atmosphere for their kids to develop and learn.

Portland, Oregon

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One commenter suggested Portland if you’re able to afford it. In particular, they said that “Portland has a fantastic number and variety of restaurants, plenty of fresh and saltwater fishing available, and great opportunities for the kids.” They suggested the Bath/Brunswick areas.

Bangor, Maine

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A few people suggested Bangor, ME as an affordable place to live in Southern Maine, although a commenter noted that getting anywhere besides Bangor is a slow drive.

Burlington, Vermont

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A user noted that Burlington had great schools, more opportunities, all four seasons, and was more liberal. Users complained about how expensive it is, though.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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People love the easy access to state parks for kids and the restaurant scene. However, commenters say that it is expensive with one person saying don’t move there “unless they have $600k+ for a house.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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One user mentioned that Grand Rapids is a “nice area, lovely schools, and far more affordable than Ann Arbor.”

Twin Cities, Minnesota

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The Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area has great schools, restaurants, and activities. One commenter specifically referenced that after you get the appropriate winter gear, there are “tons of museums and theaters that cater to littles in the cold months. Amazing food. Lower cost of living than many places.”

Monmouth County, New Jersey

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With easy access to Philadelphia and New York City, Monmouth County has a lot going for it. One resident likes that there are “tons of green areas and great local foods” and “the parks system in Monmouth county is unreal.”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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One East Coast resident highly recommends Pittsburgh since it is “relatively affordable, up and coming restaurant industry, public school system that has a Montessori school, definitely more liberal. VERY family friendly!” Gone are the days when it was a dirty, steel-filled town.

Overland Park, Kansas

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A commenter recommended the underrated Overland Park which has a “very good income to cost of living ratio and it’s very family friendly.”

Madison, Wisconsin

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While considred the “expensive place to live in Wisconsin” it “has lots of diversity, lots to do outside, very liberal, good/variety of restaurants, lakes.”

Columbus, Ohio

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One couple came to Columbus for grad school and haven’t left after 13 years. They not the “Urban suburbs with good schools,” “nice parks,” “great library system with updated libraries,” and “low cost of living” amongst many other positives.

Richmond, Virginia

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Richmond has a lot going for it. “Lower real estate costs, decent schools” and “four seasons” according to one poster.

Decatur, Georgia

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Decatur, Georgia is a charming city located within the Atlanta metropolitan area, known for its historic architecture, pedestrian-friendly downtown, and strong emphasis on education. A diverse and progressive community, Decatur hosts a variety of annual events and festivals, attracting both residents and visitors alike.

Fairfax County, Virginia

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While the cost may keep many away, Fairfax County is home to some of the top high schools in the country including the frequently number one school Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Rochester, New York

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Rochester, New York, is a bustling city located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, known for its rich history in innovation and as the birthplace of companies like Kodak and Xerox. The city boasts a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with numerous museums, galleries, and festivals, as well as the renowned Eastman School of Music.

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