7 Home Remedies to Heal Shaving Cuts and Nicks

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Do you have a wedding coming up soon and want to look your best? Is date night approaching? Do you have to abide by the dress code at your institution? Perhaps you have an important client meeting at work and want to make a good impression. All of these occasions call for a shave. But … Read more

Replace Your Shower Head in 11 Easy Steps

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Stepping into the shower and seeing an old and corroded showerhead is not something pleasant. Plus, are you really cleaning yourself when all that yucky and dangerous gunk on the nozzles are contaminating the otherwise clean water? The good news is swapping your showerheads is a beginner-friendly DIY repair! Your dirty and worn-down showerhead is … Read more

How to Install a Ceiling Fan: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

man installing a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is a staple found in every household that works as a coolant during every season; be it the scorching summers when the air conditioner partners with the ceiling fan for cooling, or the harsh winters when air circulated by the fan is enough to keep oneself cool under multiple layers of clothing. … Read more

6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

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Picture this: you step into the kitchen to cook a meal that’s going to impress your house guests. After you are finished and everyone has eaten, you notice that you have a clogged kitchen sink. Not only is fixing it going to be terrible but so is cleaning up. Sinks can easily become clogged if … Read more

Replacing the Refrigerator Light Bulb Guide

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Have you ever tip-toed to the kitchen in the middle of the night in search of a midnight snack while trying not to get caught by other members of the household? It is unfortunate when you attempt to sneak some snacks to munch on and are met with no light in the fridge, which makes … Read more

How to Use Pliers Safely


Pliers are a staple in any tool kit lying in the garage or tool shed. It comes in handy whenever working with any repairs for appliances in the household or other small jobs. However, not many are aware that this tool has multiple other uses, with each suited for a different purpose. If you are … Read more

How to Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires


Do you have a new car resting in your garage? Have you been handed down your family’s second-hand car? If so, the responsibilities of car maintenance are not lost on you. However, a good-looking car is not the only thing that is a concern for new and old drivers alike. A well-maintained car gives you … Read more

The Basics Of Lawn Care And Maintenance


The beauty of nature’s green scenery is what many poets have written about throughout history. Many of us find solace in the beauty of gardens and parks. If you are a plant enthusiast, you may often create first impressions of a house based on the quality of its garden and the lawn that envelopes it. … Read more