16 Things That Boomers Say That Make Redditors Go “Ok, Boomer”

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As a millennial, my generation may not have been the one who coined the term “Ok, Boomer,” but we certainly have our fair share of examples. One Redditor asked their peers their opinion on boomers and there followed a lot of “Ok, Boomer”-worthy examples.

Young People Don’t Need Smartphones

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The highest upvoted comment on the Reddit thread was “Five year olds don’t need Smartphones.” Even though toddlers are learning how to use tablets, many Boomers on the Reddit thread believe that young people shouldn’t be given cell phones. The are some good reasons for this. While parental controls do exist, kids are clever enough to circumvent them. Also, they can get access to social media once they’re older, and there are many reports out there about the dangerous impact social media has on kids, especially teenagers.

Refrigerators Don’t Need to Be Connected to the Internet

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From washers that tell you when your clothes are done to refrigerators that let you know that you left the door open, smart devices in our homes make everything more convenient. One commenter said “I don’t want my damn refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job.”

“Physical Keyboards Are Better”

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I don’t know about you, but once I switched to a smartphone, I could text a lot faster than with a physical keyboard on my old cellphone. It might have something to do with the swipe feature for texting. Or maybe because I’m more excited about having a ton of extra features on my smartphone!

One commenter specifically called out car manufacturers for installing “giant touch screens” to adjust volume and such. Another commenter replied that a lot of that can be done on the steering wheel now.

Belts Are Meant for Holding up Pants

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This was definitely a trend of my generation, but one commenter was really for pulling up your pants.

Knowing Your Neighbors Because You Live in a Cul-de-sac

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It’s fairly common for city dwellers to not know their neighbors. Some of this comes from the transient nature of renters, where you have new neighbors every year so it is not worth getting to know them. One seemingly younger person on Reddit said that they think “communities within neighbourhoods would be lovely.”

Everything Has to Have an App

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One Redditor said, “Everything from kids toys to freakin cars needs some sort of app these days.” That’s a lot of software updates that companies have to maintain and a lot of storage space on our phones!

Everything Is Disposable These Days

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One commenter said, “Nothing is made to last anymore.” Even jeans, which were meant to be durable, affordable, and not need frequent repairs, cost $60+ these days.

My Back Hurts

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While this is not just exclusive to the Boomer generation (one commenter said they’d had back pain since they were 17), it certainly rings true with their age group.

Teenagers Are Scary

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The commenter later edited their response by saying “mainly in groups of 3+.” This can also apply to almost any generation except teenagers. Teenagers are particularly scary, but most Boomers are thankful that most of their children are older than teenagers.

Get Off My Lawn

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This should conjure up images of Clint Eastwood shouting at a bunch of teenagers in Gran Torino. Not only do Boomers actually have yards (because they can afford them), but they don’t want anyone to mess with them. One commenter complained that “my neighbors with a McMansion monstrosity play baseball in my front yard because their entire property is house, more or less. I hate it.” Another bought a motion-activated sprinkler to keep dogs off their lawn.

This Social Security Check Is Great

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Not only do Boomers have the luxury of being old enough to collect Social Security, but they’re also getting it while it’s still there.

Sending Thank You Cards by Mail When You Get a Gift

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I’ll be honest; I still do this as a Millenial. However, the custom was from a prior generation who didn’t text or email. It’s still nice to receive things in the physical mail these days that aren’t junk mail or bills.

No Phones When You’re Eating With Someone

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In the days when you had to stand up to answer the phone, this made sense. However, if your pocket buzzes because someone texted you, you’ll likely check it immediately while at the table. You’d jump if the landline rang, wouldn’t you?

People also said this applies to having friends over.

One commenter was really upset by this and said, “nothing is worse than when they take an unimportant phone call in front of you and talk on the phone for 15-20 minutes about nothing and you’re stuck sitting there waiting for them to be done.”

People Are Way Too Overprotective of Kids These Days

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But it makes sense. The world has gotten a lot scarier. The internet didn’t exist for Boomers, so parents had much more control over their kids.

Understanding the Value of a Good Orthopedic Bed and Pillow

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People probably should learn this when they’re young so that they don’t develop chronic back and hip problems. A great night’s sleep heals most wounds.

Quit Spending Money on Stupid Stuff That You Won’t Want in a Year and Put It Towards Saving for the Future

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Enough of those $5 lattes. Put money into an IRA.

This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.

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