11 Shocking Parts of the Bible People Don’t Know

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The Bible is full of well-known educative and inspiring stories. The Holy Book espouses love, patience, and impartiality. There are some stories, however, that seem to show the complete opposite. Prepare to be shocked when you read these accounts. 

God Sent Bears to Harm Kids

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You can tell prophet Elisha was a bald man from 2 Kings 2:23. However, he didn’t take it lightly when some boys jeered at him about his condition. Verse 24 explains he “called down a curse on them, and two bears mauled the boys.”

The Story of Lot

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Lot’s story is shocking or interesting, depending on how you view it. First, God intends to destroy his city, Sodom, so he sends two angels. Lot welcomes them into his home, but the city’s men demand that he let them out so they can sleep with them. Lot offers them his virgin daughters instead, but they refuse and are struck with blindness. 

The story continues with Lot’s family fleeing Sodom, but his wife looks back and becomes a pillar of salt. Later, Lot’s two daughters get their father drunk so they can sleep with him. The whole account is recorded in Genesis chapter 19. 

Levi and Simeon Tricked Shechem Males Into Circumcision

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These sons of Jacob were angry with Shechem for defiling their sister, Dinah, and hatched this trick. Then, they harmed the Shechem males while they were still sore from circumcision. Genesis chapter 34 narrates this story. 

Moses’s Wife Circumcised Their Child to Appease God

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“Exodus 4:24-26 details how when Yahweh was angry with Moses, Moses’ wife (Zipporah) took a knife, cut off their son’s foreskin, and rubbed it on Moses’ feet. After that, Yahweh was no longer angry with him,” explains a poster. 

Herod’s Daughter Asked For John’s Head

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Matthew 14:6-12 talks of how Herod promised his stepdaughter anything she wanted after entertaining his guests on his birthday. And instead of asking for wealth or power, she asked John the Baptist to be beheaded.

God Hates Fig

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In Mark 11:12-14, Jesus gets angry at a fig tree for having no fruits yet: “It was not the season for figs.” He curses the tree, and true to his word, it withered the next day. 

God Did Not Bring Peace

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This is written in Matthew 10:34, where Jesus says, “Do not suppose I have come to bring peace on the earth. I have not come to bring peace but a sword.” 

Slavery Laws

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Exodus 21:20-21 states that anyone who beat his servant and died from it would be punished. However, there’d be no punishment if the servant were okay after a day or two. Centuries later, Peter writes in 1 Peter 6:5-9 that enslaved people were to obey their masters, even if they were unkind.  

Human Sacrifices

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Jephthah, a servant of the Lord, vows to sacrifice the first thing to meet him after defeating the Ammonites. His daughter comes out first, and although he doesn’t sacrifice her as he would animals, he sends her to serve in the Lord’s house all her life. 

God Allowed Satan to Ruin Job’s Life

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This faithful man lost all his livestock and ten children and got sick to the point he wished death on himself. And all this was because Satan asked God to allow him to tempt Job, as shown in Job chapters 1 and 2. 

There Is a Law Protecting Trees

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Deuteronomy 20:19 is all-in on protecting the environment. It states that soldiers shouldn’t cut down fruit-bearing trees when raiding a city. In part, the scripture asks, “Are the trees people that you besiege them?”

Nevertheless, verse 20 allows the soldiers to cut down trees that don’t bear fruit if they intend to “use them to build a siege.” 

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