12 Things People Think Are in the Bible but Aren’t

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If you’ve never read or studied the Bible, it is easy to fall victim to teachings that were never in the Holy Book in the first place. Curious to know which ones? Read on. 

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

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Do you know that this quote is from the book Poor Richard’s Almanack by Benjamin Franklin and not the Bible? Nevertheless, this quote is also ‘the most unbiblical thing and leads to self-righteousness.”

Depiction of Hell

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The depiction of hell is borrowed from Dante’s Inferno and is nowhere in the Bible. The nine circles of hell don’t exist too.

“The only punishment after death is a prophecy that hasn’t come true yet, and it’s more of a symbolic fire if anything,” reads a post. Another adds, “I am amazed at how people think Satan is torturing souls. Satan is here on earth with us. He isn’t in hell, yet.”

Number of Animals That Went Into Noah’s Ark

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Most people will say “that animals went into Noah’s ark in twos,” but some animals went in seven pairs, meaning fourteen animals for the species. 

Adam and Eve Bit Into an Apple

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Another misconception many people believe is that Adam and Eve bit into an apple, but the Bible doesn’t mention the exact fruit. “The idea of it being an apple was likely invented by medieval illustrators who were used to seeing the fruits,” explains a post.

Cute Little Angels

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Angels are not cute. These heavenly beings are powerful “warriors.” A user says, “They are actually terrifying,” considering there is a Bible account where one angel kills 185,000 men. 

Sabbath Is on a Sunday

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Also, “Saturday was the Sabbath, but the early Christians broke that and started the tradition of treating Sunday as the most holy day because that was the day Jesus was resurrected.”

So if you have been thinking Sunday is the holy day according to the Bible, scratch that to Saturday. 

Jesus’ Birthday Is December 25th

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Many Christians believe Jesus’ birthday falls on December 25th, but did you know the Bible has zero mentions of this date? In fact, scholars believe that Jesus was not born in the cold month of December but in April.

You Can’t or Shouldn’t Question God

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If we had a dime for every time a religious leader said this statement to avoid answering questions about God, we would be well off by now. But this statement is nowhere in the Bible. Interestingly, people in the Bible, including Abraham and Jacob, questioned God.

Mary Magdalene Is a Prostitute

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No, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. “She washed Jesus’ feet and was cleansed of sin.” But the Bible does not explain her sin or call her a prostitute.

Seven Deadly Sins

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Proverbs says there are seven things that the Lord sees as an abomination to Him. They are not reflective of the seven deadly sins,” points out a commentator. 

Jesus Was Born in a Stable

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We learned that Jesus was born in a stable at an early age, but that’s not exactly true. “He was born on the bottom floor of someone’s house where it was customary to keep animals,” writes a user who references the original Koine Greek text. 

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

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The actual words are “Thou shalt not commit murder” and not “Thou shalt not kill.” Two posts explain the difference: “Murder is the unlawful premeditation and killing of another human being,” and “Killing in self-defense or defense of others” is permitted.

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