11 Thought-Provoking Plot Holes in Religion That No One Really Talks About

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Religion is a very sensitive and highly personal topic. It involves complete faith a power that is beyond anyone’s understanding. And while scripture is there to guide devoted followers, sometimes it can be confusing, especially if you are new to the faith. Here are 11 concepts that people notice but also keep to themselves.

What Happened to All the Fresh Water Fish in the Flood

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If you’ve never given this much thought, it’s time you did. Do you think Noah took in some freshwater fish and kept them in a large aquarium, or did they survive the flood? Besides, “so much rainwater covered the earth that it’s probably better to ask where all the saltwater fish went.”

God Is Perfect and Cannot Sin, but “The Wrath of God” Exists

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Does this even make sense? “Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins,” yet God, who is holy and pure, has wrath?  Nevertheless, one user offers a sound explanation, “Virtue and vice only exist on a mortal level. Humans have to do the most good they can with their lives, but a higher power has no such duty or restraint. There’s no such thing as morality for a higher power.”

The Lack of Dinosaurs

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There is proof that dinosaurs existed. But how come there’s not a single mention of them in the Bible? 

Judas Iscariot Was Essential to Jesus’ Plan

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Considering this to be true, why call Judas a villain? He only did what he was fated to do. 

God Created Us With All the Sins He Doesn’t Want Us to Commit

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Religion mentions that God granted us free will. But come to think of it, is “getting to choose between following his rules or getting punished for all eternity” a form of free will?  

Virgin Mary Had a Child

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Mary’s story also raises questions about how she became pregnant without sleeping with a man. However, different online users mention that the Hebrew word “virgin” means a “fair or young maid.” Others also point out that a translation error called her “Virgin Mary” instead of “she was born of a virgin, making her pure enough to give birth to Jesus.”

Are the Good People Condemned to Spend Eternity Without Their Loved Ones?

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Religion also promises the hope of reuniting with loved ones but also states that “good people go to heaven and the bad to hell.” 

Now, assume a good mother dies, but she had a sinful son. What happens then? Does she get reunited with her son or spend eternity alone? And if she is in heaven without her son, won’t she be tormented that her son is not with her?

Man Wrote the Bible

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“If man is not perfect, but man wrote the Bible, how am I supposed to trust what I’m reading from the Bible? How do I know they didn’t mess anything up?” wonders a poster. 

No Explanation for the Origin of Omnipotent Being

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No religion explains where God came from. All they say is He was and will always be in existence. So, we’ll never know. 

Even if You Are a Good Person, You Would Still Burn in Hell if You Don’t Believe in God

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Seriously? Failure to believe in the existence of a higher being warrants punishment even when you are modest towards others. “That God sounds more narcissistic than benevolent and loving,” shares a poster.

Cain Took a Wife

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Get this: The Bible mentions Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. So, where does Cain get a wife? 

One user argues he must have married his sister, “A lot of time, history doesn’t count women unless they had some important impact. Therefore, most likely they (Adam and Eve) had daughters, and then they just weren’t important, so they weren’t named.”

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