10 Words That Describe the New Generation

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What one word would you describe the new generation? Woke? Confused? Determined? In an online post, older folks share what they really think about the new generation in just one word. Here are some of them.


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The newer generation is completely distracted by modern media to the extent they do not notice the meaningful things in life. They are mainly focused on “short-term gain and FOMO living,” as one user puts it. 


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With access to information in just one tap from a smartphone, it’s more evident than ever that the new generation is not only distracted but also “overwhelmed.” They are under constant pressure. They compare their lives with others, give in to trends, and more. 


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One commentator envies how the new generation is open-minded and “aren’t the jaded and apathetic kids of Generation X,” and hopes they maintain their energy. 

He also mentions how this generation is “aware of the differences and much more accepting of them. Aware of people as individuals. They’re growing up in times where different sexualities, neurodivergencies… are far more accepted. There is less shame about things like mental illnesses.”


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The new generation is not only distracted and confused, but they are also confused, according to older Redditors. They did not disclose the reason, but one can assume that it’s because of the overabundance of tech and information within reach. 


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The new generation is also deemed as “fragile,” according to Redditors. Similar to the word “confused,” there’s no context as to why. 


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Older generations also say that kids these days are “entitled.” One commentor even said, “They need to realize no one owes them anything, not their parents and certainly not the government.” 


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With inflation, higher cost of living, and other social crises, the new generation can be described as “screwed.” There is an obvious wide wealth gap between the older and new generations. 


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Words that describe the new generations are not all negative. Kids these days are also “determined.”

A Reddit user says, “They’re inheriting a world that’s burning, and they’re still excited for life.” This goes to show their sheer length of determination. 

Another Boomer commentator adds, “I’m seeing younger (not 20s but also 30s and 40s) people who see problems and aren’t willing to stand by and let them continue.” Besides, ‘they’re showing up to vote‘ to implement change. 


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Impressive young people,” says a commentator who appreciates Gen Z. Another Boomer parent with two Gen Z kids adds, “I’ve learned so much from them and their friends.”


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Yes, the new generation is the future, and it looks promising. “They are quick and smart…(and) try to change/question things that just don’t work anymore,” mentions a commentator who observes that Gen X and Boomers would complain about situations while doing nothing to change them. 

This thread inspired this post.

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