10 Ways the Previous Generations Were Better Than Us


Are you searching for some timeless knowledge? The outdated appliances in your house are all you need! But not just equipment is causing people to feel nostalgic. We may learn a lot from the generations before us, from vegetable gardens to ties to the community. So crank up some old rock, roll up your sleeves, and go back to the hard labor and discussion of yesteryear that we all secretly yearn for.

1 – Building Washing Machines

Woman doing laundry.
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Who needs smart technology when you can have a trusty washing machine from the ’90s that still works like a charm? One person shares that their whirlpool dryer from 20 years ago is still working fine. These machines are also super easy to fix for a newbie as opposed to the newer appliances.  

2 – Growing Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable Gardens
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Seeing people have a vegetable garden of their own is a rare sight in this day and age. One user shares how they have a picture of their grandparents knee-deep in the garden. Health-conscious folks should no longer gatekeep growing organic vegetables in their home. 

3 – Having a Sense of Community

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Many users constantly highlighted how their parents were better at building strong bonds. They established a sense of community by emphasizing holidays and get-togethers. Doing so would allow one to talk to someone they haven’t seen in a year. This also resulted in well-maintained connections with one’s extended family.

4 – Being Self-Sufficient

Grandfather Learning
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Numerous forum members agreed that their parents were far more independent and self-reliant than the newer generations. One share how their father was a jack of all trades. He could repair leaky pipes, lawnmowers, and cars. He also knew how to run electrical work so he wouldn’t have to hire anyone for these tasks.

5 – Knowing the Neighbors

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Some people expressed their sorrow at losing connection with one’s neighbors. For example, one explains how they are in touch with many of their parents’ surviving neighbors. In fact, some of them are like family. However, the user barely knows any of their current neighbors with no details of their life. 

6 – Making Music

Old Man Enjoying Music
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To this day, many people swear by the music from the older generations. One person mentions how the classic rock from the previous era has set the bar high. Sorry, Gen Z, but your TikTok tunes just can’t compare. 

7 – Being Hardworking

Old Man Hardworking
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As much as boomers annoy the millennials, forum members can’t help but agree that their parents were far more hardworking. Someone shares how their aged father has continued to work every day since he was nine years old. The mindset to be a provider was prevalent among everyone, ranging from professionals to homemakers.

8 – Resolving Conflict

Resolving Fight
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This point made room for many controversial opinions. Several people share that their parents prioritize family unity over everything and are willing to set aside many things to avoid conflict. However, many users wonder if such means of conflict resolution are effective since they usually involve using authority and force. 

9 – Growing Up

Happy Old Man
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Adulting is no easy feat; folks admit they struggle to leave childhood behind. In contrast, older generations had to work from an early age, and their circumstances required them to grow up quicker than any of the later generations. These days, people struggle with adulting and leaving their childhood behind, but the older generations have to grow up faster than a kid can say “self-sufficiency.”

10 – Holding Conversations

Old Man Talking To Son
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In addition to a sense of community, many people find that their parents were also better at holding conversations. For instance, someone shares how their parents could talk about bread for two hours without it getting cringy or boring. It is hard to imagine such a conversation today!

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