14 Things Older Generations Think About Gen Z

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Gen Z, also called Zoomers, has many stereotypes. As the first generation born with the internet existing during their entire lives, they have adopted a digital lifestyle. A recent Reddit thread sought to unearth some of the stereotypes that Gen Z is known for.

They Know How to Use Technology but Don’t Know How It Works

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You can be good at using something, until it breaks and then have no clue what to do. It seems older generations think that this is the case with Gen Z. They know how to use technology from an early age but lack the basic knowledge of how and why technology works the way it does.

One Redditor even said he had to teach his “12 yo… how to find, copy and paste a file because he’d never been taught.” In a world where two-year-olds can readily use a tablet, sometimes these modern-day kids just don’t appreciate or understand how technology really works.

You Have to Speak to Them With Softer Language

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One Redditor who works with Gen Z students at their firm said that these students couldn’t hadn’t being talked to directly. If you don’t sugarcoat your feedback or criticism, Gen Zers tend to react negatively. This particular Redditor thinks the Gen Z students at their firm need to grow tougher skin.

They Are Bad at Communication

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First off, most Gen Zers don’t like talking on the phone. This isn’t necessarily exclusive to Gen Z since millennials have gone away from phone calls as well in favor of text messages which aren’t as disruptive and urgent. However, one architect complained that “it will literally take them half a day to make the phone call.” Similarly, they don’t capitalize and punctuate their emails. Maybe they need to learn about Capitalize My Title.

They Use Too Many Emojis

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Another communication concern older generations have is the overuse of emojis. When communicating with other generations, emojis come off as unprofessional and should only be reserved for texting with friends and family.

They Don’t Know How to Change the Oil on Their Cars

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Ok, so cars have gotten more complicated and sometimes manufacturers make it really difficult to get to the oil pan and filter. But a few commenters think that anyone born after 1990 believes cars “just work, if they don’t, give it to a specialist.”

They Are Judgemental

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They seem to find flaws in everything. One Redditor said, “they’ve got a knack for zeroing on the most seemingly inane things and turning it into a reason that they’re ‘better than you.'” Commenters also complain about them calling anyone older than them “boomers” even when said individual is in their late 20s.

They Underestimate the Permanency of Their Content on the Internet

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Since the internet has always been in existence during their life and the earliest of their generation was reaching teenagehood when social media became popular, many Zoomers don’t realize that there was a time when your personal information wasn’t everywhere so they don’t understand that it is possible to keep your personal content and information private.

They Prank and Harass Service Workers and Fast Food Workers for TikTok Views

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Even though this trend started with Millenial YouTubers, Zoomers have doubled down on this trend and taken to the widely popular TikTok platform.

They Don’t Understand How Toxic Social Media Is

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Besides taking a toll on mental health, social media is filled with fake information, misinformation, and trolls. Younger people are particularly vulnerable to this kind of behavior since they can’t tell what’s real from fake and believe a lot of things they are told.

Their Constant Use and Reliance on Technology Has Severely Hindered Their People Skills

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Relying on their phones for daily communications has stunted Zoomer’s ability to interact with people. While having to go to school via Zoom calls for two years had something to do with it, many older generations note a severe lack of social skills in Zoomers.

They Get Offended on Behalf of Others Who May Not Necessarily Be Offended Themselves

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While many Redditors agreed that Zoomers get offended easily, one Zoomer actually called their generation out on it, saying, “As a gen Z myself this irritates me so much! It’s really annoying to see someone get more offended than the target audience even was, and then they just won’t let it go as if them being offended in place of someone is a good thing.”

They have an Unhealthy attitude towards failure

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Zoomers tend to avoid risk and prefer to feel comfortable with their choices. One commenter said they “worry they won’t realize their true potential.”

They have an entitlement attitude

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Most generations say this about the generations after them, but one Redditor wanted to make sure it was noted.

They Are Too Preoccupied With Trying to Get Famous

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Instead of trying to be happy doing the things they love, older generations think that Zoomers are too focused on becoming influencers to be liked on social media. They forget about actually living.

This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.

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