10 Monthly Expenses Men Often Deem Unnecessary

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Given the current economic climate, individuals are scrutinizing their budgets and cutting back on costs. A discussion on Reddit broached the topic of which expenses men would choose to eliminate from their financial plans.

Eating Out Too Much

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One commenter said they spend at least $750 a month on food. In some places, that’s as much as rent.


Quit smoking
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Smoking is not only a health hazard but also a useless expense that a number of responders resonated with. One commenter mentioned that they “quit almost 6 years ago. Have an app that I look at when I get an urge that tells me how much I’ve saved. Smoked half a pack a day, almost $11,000.00 saved.”

An Empty Storage Unit

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After removing car parts last year, one Redditor has a mostly empty storage unit that they have spent nearly $800 on over the last year even though they only have a few boxes in it.

Spotify When They Already Have YouTube Music


In the days where streaming reigns supreme, many people are looking at their monthly subscriptions and wondering which ones they can cancel. It makes even more sense when two of your subscriptions do the exact same thing.

My Car

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Cars are expensive to maintain. While necessary in some areas to live, many areas have public transit which is a much cheaper alternative. While not as convenient as a car, you don’t have to pay for maintenance, gas, and a loan.

Doordash Dash Pass


The pandemic made a lot of people resort to food delivery. And some people haven;t gotten off of that habit.


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While obviously a joke, one Redditor said that his “wife lost the receipt so we can’t return them.” Kids are notoriously expensive with the average cost of raising a kid to age 18 exceeding $200K.

LinkedIn Premium

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In this job market, this is one expense this commenter will likely want to keep.


Energy efficient house.
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One poster said that “I’m stripped down to just rent and utilities so… I guess I could survive without electricity?”

Netflix and Other Streaming Services


Netflix has been cracking down on password sharers which means it might become another useless monthly expense if you can’t log into your ex’s account.

Bonus: A Wife

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As expected in a Reddit thread responded to by men, one commenter said that they’re most useless monthly expense was their wife.

This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.

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