Why Rich People Are Not Doing Anything to Change the World

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Wouldn’t the world be better if the rich pooled their money and helped people? Well, this measure would probably bring some positive changes. But the wealthy aren’t taking such grand steps soon for these 13 reasons. 

Power Corrupts People

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“The reason wealth (corrupts people) is because economic power can be leveraged for other forms of power, influence, or control,” says a poster. As you know, people don’t let go of power easily. Since the rich possess it, they don’t want to make changes in the world. 

Money Is a Status Symbol

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Moreover, they don’t want to lose their esteemed social status.

More Influence and Control

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Being wealthy gives one the ability to manipulate story narratives, hire immoral lawyers, bankroll politicians, afford sanctions, and more. So why would one give up their influential power? 

Most Problems Can’t Be Solved by Just Throwing Money

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The rich understand that money isn’t the solution to most social problems and government policies. 

A user explains, “Net worth is assets minus liabilities like student loans and mortgages. A net worth of 600k is 300k equity in a home and 300k in a retirement account. Even 1 million isn’t enough to do much besides say yes to vacations and moderate charitable donations.”

Some Problems Take a Ridiculous Amount of Time to Fix

Moreover, even if all the billionaires joined to change the world, they wouldn’t solve all the problems in a month or year. Some problems take decades to eradicate, and no one is willing to go broke for that. 

Don’t Have the Billions in Cash

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Also, the wealthy don’t walk around with billions of cash. Their worth is measured through their assets, investments, and stocks. One poster mentions that if the rich sold all their stocks to change the world, they would destroy the economy. 

It’s More Expensive and Complicated Than Most People Think

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“Improving lives requires a lot of energy, which requires a lot of resources, which requires a lot of infrastructure, which require a lot of skilled workers, which require….and on and on and on,” explains a poster. However, most people don’t understand this bit. 

They Know That Throwing Money Doesn’t Make a Problem Go Away

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Besides, some problems, for example, homelessness, are not easy to solve with money. Even if a multi-billionaire donated their money to the cause, it wouldn’t prevent the problem from re-occurring sometime in the future. 

The Ultra-Rich Do Not Run the World

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A poster says, “Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the super-rich, top 10% that run the world. There are many governments, varying levels of corruption, and competing ideas for a better world. While it would be great if the top 10% did more, the greater world must make itself a better place.”

No Profit in Helping Others

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Some say that wealthy people are on the fence about helping others because there is no monetary benefit to doing so.

You Can’t Help People That Don’t Want to Help Themselves

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The rich point out that the majority of poor people want free handouts, a habit that irks them.

Not a Priority to Save the World

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Also, some rich people feel their wealth results from their hard labor and aren’t willing to share it with the world. In fact, “they don’t think it’s their problem to solve.”

On the other hand, those born poor but amassed wealth become more involved in ensuring their future generations don’t face financial worries and wouldn’t prioritize helping people experiencing poverty. 

Demonized Through Crazy Conspiracy Theories

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Take Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest Americans, for instance. Despite his efforts to help others through charity initiatives, he still gets demonized with crazy conspiracy theories. Some people accused him of planning to implant microchips into people through the Covid-19 vaccines.

This kind of evil treatment makes other rich people refrain from offering assistance. 

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