Why People Are Afraid of Being Ugly or Not Pretty Enough

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Would you rather have good looks or a nice personality? The majority of people would choose to be pretty without flinching. Why? Well, it is because of these 12 reasons. 

Beauty Directly Affects the Way People Treat You

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Unfortunately, many people are biased by one’s looks and treat those who look beautiful better. Worst, they consider attractive people more trustworthy, interesting, and approachable. 

“Conventional beauty or the lack thereof literally affects work prospects, salary, and stuff like that,” a user points out. 

Childhood Trauma

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People who got bullied for their looks in their childhood and teenage years suffer social anxiety because they feel other people are constantly judging their appearance. So, they “associate beauty with acceptance.”

Tied to Their Place in Society

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One’s appearance also determines how society treats you. It’s easier for good-looking people to get leadership roles or make new friends than the not-pretty ones. 

Beauty Is Celebrated

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Why do we have beauty pageants? To celebrate beauty! Many online users even admit it’s interesting to watch beautiful people. 

Have Advantages in Many Social Situations

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Additionally, being pretty gives you an advantage because people treat you better and want to be your friend. “Since your face or physical features is literally the first thing people look at, it has been heavily implied as the most important factor when socializing,” says a user.  Moreover, a cute face helps one secure jobs easily.

People Do Not See Their Full Worth

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Also, many people don’t care much about an ugly person’s personality. It’s as if being ugly translates to not being smart. This pushes many to find ways to look pretty, including surgeries. 

People Are Judged Based on Their Appearance Everywhere They Go

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Women, in particular, suffer this because they “are told from infancy that the greatest and most important virtue they can have is to be beautiful. They are constantly examined and judged every step of their lives based on their appearance.”

Fear of Rejection

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but let’s be honest here: many people constantly face rejection because of how they look. 

A Lot of Industries Telling Them They Should Be

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How many commercials have you watched that featured ugly people? None, right? Many industries are monetizing beauty by making people feel insecure about themselves. Businesses selling products that conceal wrinkles or dark spots or help shed weight currently have a huge following because many people want to look more attractive. 

Spend Too Much Time on the Internet

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Besides commercials, the internet also increases people’s insecurity about their looks. For example, have you observed how harsh the comment section can get when the poster is not pretty? And how the same commentators are nice and sweet to good-looking individuals’ posts? This is why some people would do anything to be beautiful. 

Determines Your Dating Pool

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Also, you have limited dating options when people regard you as physically unattractive. Dating sites are full of men and women specifying the beauty standards they expect of their partner. If you don’t match the criteria, your mind will have you searching for alternatives to have you looking pretty. 

How Society Perceives Beauty Standards

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“Studies have shown that people will actually consider someone smart if they are more conventionally attractive. This is especially true when you compare people’s perceptions of those who are overweight to those who are not. It’s a toxic trait that society has, but it is definitely real,” writes a poster. For this reason, people worry about how others perceive their looks. 

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