Why My Next Car Will Be Electric

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My wife and I have been driving around a gas SUV for many years, and we’re comfortable knowing we can get just about anywhere with it as long as the car doesn’t break down and we can find a gas station. With the world moving towards electric vehicles, we want our next car to be electric, and we sought some internet wisdom from Reddit to convince us.

The Total Cost of Ownership Is Cheaper

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With fewer mechanical parts and lower fuel costs for electricity, the total cost of ownership is lower for electric vehicles. One commenter was particularly annoyed that gas cars come “with multiple points of failure and fatigue” that lead to constant repair worries.

They’re More Convenient

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Along with a lower cost of ownership, having an electric vehicle means fewer trips to the mechanic, gas station, and local oil change spot.

They Create Fewer Environmental Concerns

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While there’s debate about how good for the environment making EV batteries is, there’s no question that once the vehicles are on the road, they produce no emissions.

They Are More Energy-Efficient

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Gas cars typically only use about 25% or less of the energy they produce since much of that energy is lost in the process of getting the power from the engine to the wheels. One commenter doesn’t get why with their “V8 Corvette, there’s so much noise, and yet the car isn’t moving.”

Everyone Is Doing It

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Ok, we’ll succumb to peer pressure. A lot of people are buying into the EV trend, and several Redditors bought EVs just because their friends had.

I Want the Tech

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Electric vehicles have top-of-the-line technology. From touchscreens to driverless capabilities, several Redditors regret when they have to rent a gas car.

Great Power, Instant Torque, and an Unreasonably Smooth Ride

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This was the quote one Redditor said about why they love their EV. Electric vehicles are known to have quick acceleration since there are fewer intermediary parts between the gas pedal and the wheels.


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One person who “worked in industrial maintenance for several years” said that they love the simplicity of electric vehicles. They just “swap winter/summer wheels, and check the windshield wiper fluid. That’s it.”

It Will Save Me Time

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Besides saving time every few months on oil changes and repairs, the main time savings I get will be not having to stop at a gas station to refill every week or two. Instead, I can plug it in when I get home, and it’s charged in the morning.

They Are Very Quiet

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So quiet, in fact, that now EVs have to make a small amount of noise so that pedestrians can hear them. A lot of people raved about loving the quietness of the EVs.

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