Where to Meet Friends in Retirement


As you get older, making friends becomes harder. If you are single or just looking to make more friends, here are some common places where you can make friends during retirement.

Around the Neighborhood

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If you’re out walking or hanging out in your front yard, you can meet local neighbors who could eventually become your friend.


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Continuing to go to church in retirement keeps you connected with a community.

Local Gym

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Staying physically active is great for your mind and body in old age and your social well-being. Meet people at the gym and then hang out afterwards.

Yoga or Tai Chi in the Park

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Numerous parks have official or unofficial yoga and Tai Chi classes in local parks where you can meet fellow retired people.

Move to a Retirement Community

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An easy way to meet new friends in retirement is to move to a retirement community (or a shared hobby community like RVing or flying).


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Give back to your community by volunteering at local organizations or participating in community projects.

Through Friends of Friends

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Go to a friend’s bbq or dinner party and meet new friends there. Then ask to hang out later.

Through Hobby Clubs or Shared Interests

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Maybe you like model trains or cycling. What about golfing or knitting? Joining a club or meetup with like-minded people is an easy way to meet new friends. Even if you just like watching TV, form a watch party group and host it at your house.

Meet Friends Through Your Spouse

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If you can’t seem to find friends on your own, finding friends through your spouse is an easy way to make new friends. Whether you hang out together as a couple with their friends or hang out with them separately, this is a great way to make new friends.

Go Out at Night on Your Own

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If you don’t have any friends to hang out at a bar or comedy show with, go yourself. You might meet someone new while you’re there alone.

Mentor Someone

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Retirement often means letting go of the knowledge you’ve accumulated from working over decades. Why not help someone who is still working? Passing on your wealth of knowledge will not only help them in their career, but you could just become great friends.

Get a Dog

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Not only do dogs provide emotional support, but one Redditor suggested, “get a dog and become a regular at the dog park” so that you meet new friends at the park. You’ll likely also make new friends on walks around the neighborhood.

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