12 Most Popular Feel-Good Ice Cream Flavors

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The ideal dessert for every occasion is ice cream. And it’s hard to pick a favorite among the more than a thousand varieties available! Fortunately, we’ve reduced it to the top 12 ice cream flavors. Rest assured, we have included one item for each category—classic, nutty, fruity, and chunky.

Homemade Vanilla

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It makes sense that vanilla is first on the list, as the majority of people around the world love this flavor. One user says, “This is the best flavor. You can do anything with this since it has the potential, and is pure.” Another adds, “It can elevate anything: apple pie, chocolate brownie, and any flavor milkshake. They are made better with vanilla ice cream.”

Cookie Two Step

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Another popular ice cream flavor is Blue Bell’s Cookie Two Step. This vanilla ice cream features a mix of chocolate crème cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough with hints of brown sugar for irresistible flavors. “It is the best. However, it’s almost always sold out at my grocery stores,” writes a user.  

Cookies and Cream

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Ice cream enthusiasts also recommend cookies and cream, made of vanilla ice cream with bits of chocolate cookies. 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Peanut Butter Ice Cream
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“Salted ice creams are highly underrated,” mentions a user who loves peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. You get a perfect blend of creamy, nutty, and sweet flavors. 

If you can’t find peanut butter and chocolate ice cream at your local store, one user recommends, “Just scoop some peanut butter out of a jar and pile it in. The contrast between the room temperature peanut butter and the cold ice cream is like heaven.”

Moose Tracks

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Another yummy favorite flavor is Moose Tracks which melts your taste buds. One foreigner writes, “I went to America when I was 13 and still haven’t found an ice cream in the same league. OMG, Moose Tracks!”

Mint Chocolate Chip

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This is the “perfect balance” ice cream for some enthusiasts, although others feel that mint and chocolate should not be served together.  


Pistachio Ice Cream
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One post reads, “I am glad this is on the list because even low pistachio ice cream is very good. Making it yourself with well-selected ingredients is a bucket list-worthy endeavor.” Another poster adds, “(I am) not sure why pistachio ice cream works, but it does.”

Butter Pecan

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This ice cream is an undisputable favorite “as far as traditional flavors go,” says a poster. Another post reads, “I moved to Europe a while ago, and this is one of the things I miss most about America.”

Cookie Dough

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Ben and Jerry’s was the first company to invent Cookie Dough ice cream in 1984. It blends crunchy chocolate chips and chunks of raw cookie dough. Although some people initially find it weird, they admit that the flavors are irresistible. 


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Coffee ice cream also makes the day for some people, especially big coffee drinkers. One commentator explains she loves pouring an espresso on her coffee-flavored ice cream. Another mentions she enjoys the ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. 

Black Raspberry

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Black raspberries have a sweet, tart taste that makes you crave more when added to ice cream. 

Half Baked

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Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked is another fantastic ice cream flavor. “It seems you either get cookie dough or fudge brownie in every bite,” points out a poster. 

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