Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Station

Pros and Cons of Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations can be a good alternative to a conventional small generator. These portable power stations are also know as battery powered inverter generators. As lithium-ion battery technology continues to improve in electric vehicles, it is also driving increased utilization of this technology in portable power stations. They can be charged and ready to provide emergency back-up electric power when needed and can also be a great fit for camping or other outdoor activities. Battery powered inverter generators can be charged from multiple different sources, whether it be from a standard wall outlet, solar panels or even from your car’s 12V outlet. Because they are providing power stored in their batteries, they do not produce any local fumes or dangerous carbon monoxide. This feature makes portable power stations a great fit for emergency back-up power for apartment dwellers, as they may not have a yard to accommodate a typical engine driven generator.

Some of the Pros are:

  • Portable power stations emit no local fumes or carbon monoxide
  • Quiet, produce virtually on noise
  • No need to store fuel
  • Significantly lower maintenance
  • No starting issues which can be problematic for some engine driven generators
  • Can be charged with solar, auto or a wall outlet

Some of the Cons are:

  • Limited to the storage capacity of the batteries, but larger sized power stations can provide power for key devices for many hours and portable solar panels can be used to recharge them while they are in use.
  • Higher quality models can be somewhat higher in costs as compared to a similar sized engine driven generator

Goal Zero are leading innovators in this category and have been developing the technology for more than 10 years. Goal Zero is a highly recommended brand and they have many options and accessories available.

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is high rated and is rated for 3500 watts surge and 2000 watts running. It has the storage capacity to hold 2982 Wh of portable power.

If a smaller power inverter will meet your needs, we would recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Core Portable Power Station. The Yeti 1000 Core utilizes a 1200-watt inverter (2400-watt surge) designed to handle everything from electronics to small appliances. Power laptops, portable fridges, coffee makers, and more. This unit is lower cost option that still maintains the same standard of excellence you can expect from Goal Zero.

Goal Zero also offers a full assortment of accessories including portable solar panels, charging devices that will allow you to charge your portable power inverter with your car, transfer switches for direct integration into your home’s electrical system and more. They also offer modular expansion tanks to ramp up the size of your storage capacity as needed. They also offer portable carts and covers to protect your invest. We are very impressed with Goal Zero as they continue to invest is R&D and expand their Industry Leading Technology.

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