12 Signs That You Married the Wrong Person

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Dating is completely different from marriage. When you marry someone, you are essentially merging your lives together. And some people realize too late that they are not compatible to deal with life as a married couple. Here are 12 ways to tell that you married the wrong person.

Never Complimented Your Appearance

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When your partner never complements your appearance or looks, it can make you feel ugly, unloved, and hurt. “It’s hard to be in a relationship where there is absolutely zero sexual chemistry,” points out a user. 

You Never Wanted to Be Their Friend

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If you are married to a person you never wanted as a friend, that’s another sign they are wrong for you. They are not the right person to spend your eternity with. 

You’re Hiding Any Good News

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Your partner is also not right for you if you hide small wins and successes from them because they don’t care about your achievements. Worst, they’d rather see you defeated. If you were deeply connected, they would be the first person who comes to mind whenever you have good news.

You’ve Become a Smaller Version of Yourself

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It is a red flag “when you have to dim yourself so your partner is not offended or angry.” If you don’t recognize yourself anymore, then something is wrong.

You Only Wanted to Be the Parent

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Some marriages fall apart after having kids. A husband says this about his wife, “She just gave up on the relationship and the life we made. It was as if she only had enough energy for one person.”

Believes Children Should Earn Their Love

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“You don’t earn love; it is freely given, especially to children,” writes a divorced wife. Another commentator adds, “Children have earned your love as soon as you put them on this planet. That is the least they deserve.”

Had an Affair

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One husband was cheated on five times during his seven years of marriage which got him thinking that his wife would change if he became “more caring and supportive.”

Eventually, he concluded his wife did not love him and filed for divorce. He writes, “I was just never going to be someone she loved no matter how good of a husband I was.” 

Doesn’t Trust You

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Trust is fundamental in marriage; when one party does not trust the other, it is a sign they should not be together.  

Brought Friends During Honeymoon

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Who brings friends over for their honeymoon? No matter how great they are, friends are not part of the package.

Never Showed Any Emotional Care

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Imagine being sick, and your spouse cares more about shopping, a game, or meeting with friends at the pub. That is a definite red flag that you are with the wrong person. 

You’re Adjusting Your Boundaries

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The moment I had to adjust my boundaries, I knew I was with the wrong guy,” explains a poster detailing that her husband cheated on her many times, including her 18-year-old niece. 

Only Does Things for You to Look Good

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Lastly, when a spouse does “romantic things” to uplift their image to others, they are not right for you. It’s what happens behind closed doors that matters the most.

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