Doctors Share Their Craziest Patient Stories

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Being in the medical profession means you see a host of diseases, injuries, and just plain crazy stories. Almost every doctor was a story when asked, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen?” Here are some of their answers!

Hidden Sepsis

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A wife called on behalf of her husband, who had a temperature of 98.6 degrees. The doctor assured her it was a normal temperature. Four hours later, her husband was dead of sepsis, with the only sign being the wife saying she was concerned about his temp. 

Just Some Sweating

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A doctor noticed some excessive sweating from a patient who had a simple case of strep throat. Blood work, though, revealed the highest white blood cell count they had ever seen and Leukemia, which was already in its advanced stage. 

Instant Heart Surgery

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Normally, those suffering from aortic dissection lose consciousness and are in extreme pain. Now imagine a doctor’s surprise when a patient who walked in with slight back pain was suffering from the largest dissection they had ever seen. Surgery was scheduled that second. 


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A dentist saw a patient who said he had a minor toothache. While the tooth appeared perfectly normal, x-rays showed the real cause. Aggressive metastatic bone cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had already progressed, and the patient passed away a few weeks later. 

Backpain to Chemo

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After being dragged in by his wife after complaining about back pain, one patient discovers the true problem. He had multiple tumors over his whole spine and a broken rib. After being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, he got the treatment he needed. 

Non-stop Nosebleed

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When a patient came in with a long-lasting nosebleed, doctors decided to test her blood to see what could be causing it. That led to a CT scan and the discovery of a 20-centimeter tumor wrapped around her kidney! Luckily, it was an easy surgical fix. 

Have a Mint

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When a doctor was told that the patient’s wife had made him come because of “really bad breath,” he decided to investigate further. What he found was esophageal cancer. It was in the early stages, and the patient is now cancer (and bad breath) free. 


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A husband and wife came into one doctor’s office to check if he had the flu. While being examined, the wife left to repark their car. In that short time, the doctor recalls her husband doubling over and suddenly dying. The cause was a ruptured digestive tract. 

Ignored Symptoms

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A doctor was faced with a patient who had been ignored numerous times. She said she had been seen for extreme fatigue, sudden weight gain, periods lasting months, and dehydration, all to be sent home with no answer. A CT scan showed a grapefruit-sized tumor on her Vena Cava. 

Crazy Professor

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Here’s a lesson in not to judge. A doctor said she ran through basic diagnostics on a man thought to be a crazy homeless person rambling about quantum theory. It turns out he was an actual Quantum mechanics professor with full-blown kidney failure, causing his altered state. 

Not Anemia

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A patient diagnosed with anemia but needing more and more iron pills to manage symptoms walked into one doctor’s office. Iron pills weren’t going to solve the autoimmune disease attacking their kidneys, though. Only dialysis and a transplant eventually saved their lives. 

Bleeding After Menopause

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One doctor heard nothing but red flags when a patient described having her period after having gone through menopause. That single symptom prompted a search that discovered endometrial cancer. It was caught super early, thanks to that patient’s one remark. 

Changing Tastes

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Would you go to the doctor for suddenly disliking your favorite food? One man complaining to his doctor about his sudden dislike for broccoli did. Bloodwork and more tests later revealed Leukemia. 

One Bad Headache

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This is probably the most obvious problem on the list. A resident doctor says a man walked in holding his head. “Have a headache?” he asked. The man then lowered his hand, revealing a perforating hole from a bullet. Miraculously, it didn’t enter his brain. 

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