Celebrating Patriotism on Wheels: The 20 Most American Cars

Most American Car

In the automotive industry, it’s no secret that many manufacturers use parts — engine, transmission, suspension, etc. — assembled from different countries. But Tesla kept its assembly location to manufacturing within the United States, making it the “Most American Car.” 

Cars.com, a digital auto marketplace and solutions provider, evaluated 388 electric, gas-powered, and hybrid vehicles with 2023 model years based on the location of the assembly, origins of both the engine and transmission, parts content, and whether the manufacturing workforce is in the United States. 

The data shows that Tesla is the “Most American Car” this year. 

Tesla Model Y and Other Models

The Tesla Model Y ranked as the “Most American Car.” It was also last year’s winner. 

Of all the 100 vehicles assessed, four of Tesla’s models – Model Y, Model 3, Model X, and Model S – took the top spots, with the Model Y in first place. 

According to Cars.com, this reflects the growing “electrification” in the country. “2​​022, hybrid and all-electric models made up 14 of the AMI’s 95 vehicles (15%); this year, there are 14 in the top 60 alone and 22 in total (22%),” a representative says.  

But despite being the “Most American Car,” Tesla car owners are on the receiving end of unscrupulous individuals. In recent years, the car’s surveillance camera system, known as “Sentry Mode,” has recorded several incidents of vandalism, primarily car keying. 

Physical vehicle damage is only the tip of the iceberg, as many owners have claimed that unprovoked hate is one of the worst things about owning an electric vehicle

Tesla, owned by the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, also has its fair share of controversies, the most recent being spontaneous combustion. This has led many potential car buyers to question if electric vehicles have more fires than gas cars

Despite the difficulties faced by the car brand and its owners, Tesla’s production is at an all-time high, with 440,808 units in the first quarter of 2023 alone, according to Tridens Technology

Honda Passport 

Japanese car brand Honda takes the fifth spot with their Passport. The gas-powered SUV model is touted for its rugged capabilities, like its 5,000lb towing capacity and intelligent traction system. 

It also comes equipped with Honda’s Sensing, a safety feature that includes road departure mitigation and lane departing warning. 

According to Cars.com’s data, Honda Passport is manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama. 

Honda has been in the spotlight in many car forums due to the unreasonable and insane markups some dealers add on in high-demand but limited-supply models, particularly the FL5 Type R. 

Volkswagen ID.4

German car brand Volkswagen is in sixth place with the ID.4, which falls into the SUV category like the Passport. The difference is that ID.4 is electric. Cars.com reported that the ID.4 EV is manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Honda Odyssey 

Honda yet again lands on the list, but this time for their popular family minivan model known as Odyssey. It appeared on the roads for the first time in 1995, with production in Japan but later moved to North America. In the 2023 AMI, Cars.com reported that the manufacturing of the Odyssey is in Lincoln, Alabama. 

Today almost a decade after its initial introduction, Odyssey, now on its fifth generation, continues to be a top contender for families looking for a spacious yet versatile vehicle. 

Acura MDX 

Acura grabs the 8th spot with the MDX. The MDX, the first SUV to join the brand’s Type-S line-up, also runs on ICE. The 2023 model is available in two trim levels – a 3.5L V6 engine and a 3.0L Turbo (Type S). 

Unknown to many, Acura is Honda’s luxury and performance division. They often have models that reinterpret Honda’s vehicles. For instance, for the FL5 Type R, Acura has the Integra Type R, which has more horsepower, while the engine, torque, and 6-speed manual transmission have been retained. 

According to Cars.com, the Acura MDX is produced in East Liberty, Ohio. 

Honda Ridgeline 

Honda takes another spot in the 2023 AMI Most American Cars list with the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline, manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama, is a unibody mid-size pickup truck known for providing exceptional comfort for daily on-road use, similar to an SUV. Since it is a pickup, it has towing and cargo bed features but is not as stellar as its competitors. 

Acura RDX 

Tenth place goes to Acura, but this time it’s for the RDX, the smaller brother of the MDX. Still, the RDX, also an ICE vehicle, offers impeccable handling and performance for daily drives even though it is fitted with a much smaller, less powerful 2.0L engine at 272 horsepower. 

Honda Accord 

Taking the eleventh spot is yet again another Honda – the Accord. The Accord is Honda’s full-size sedan, which was recently facelifted to have a more mature styling. Unfortunately, the 2023 model is not equipped with a turbocharged engine like the previous version. 

Other “Most American Cars” include: 

12. Toyota Tundra 

13. Acura Integra 

14. Acura TLX 

15. Honda Pilot 

16. Lincoln Corsair 

17. Kia K5 

18. Chevrolet Corvette 

19. Toyota Sequoia (HEV) 

20. Nissan Pathfinder 

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