Beyond Small Talk: 10 Topics to Transform Your Next Conversation into a Deep Dive

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Do you find it challenging to carry on a conversation with someone you just met? Face-to-face interactions are uncommon today, yet having meaningful ones frequently forges deep social relationships that are essential for leading a happy and full life.

Here are 10 deep conversation topics you can utilize while attempting to establish a meaningful connection with someone in order to help you have better talks.

What Are Your Fears?

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Fear is one of the primal emotions of humans and knowing the answer to this will give you an insight into the person.

What Is Your General Plan in Life?

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Reflecting on your plan in life is one of the best deep conversation topics.

What Was the Lowest Point of Your Life?

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The lowest point always defines the person.

What Are the Things That You Regret?

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Knowing what the person used to be that they don’t want to be anymore is an effective way to get to know each other.

If You Could Tell Something to Your 10-Year-Old Self, What Would It Be?

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Know what they value now that they didn’t before.

What Is the Thing You Hate the Most?

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There are many things that can be revealed by this question.

What Do You Do Over and Over Again That You Hate Doing?

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You’ll have an insight into their routine.

What Will You Never Give Up On?

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You will know what is important to their lives.

How Would You Describe the Color of the Sky to a Blind Person?

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There are a lot of insightful things that can be said when asked this hypothetical question.

What Is Your Next Big Step?

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Other people are stuck in a routine but asking them about their next big step can help in reflecting.

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