12 Resume Red Flags That Scare Off Employers

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When writing your resume, always keep in mind that it should be a reflection of yourself. It would help if you kept it professional, avoiding irrelevant and outdated information. Also, make sure that you don’t oversell yourself. As a guide, here are the 12 things you should never include in your resume.

Listing Every Single Accomplishment From High School

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A user says, “You just know that someone who puts that much useless information on a resume will also fill your ears with even more useless information all day, every day.

It is acceptable for job seekers just out of college to list their accomplishments from high school but not people above 30.

Could Not Work With Women Due to Religion

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It is also a red flag when a resume has traces of prejudice, discrimination, racism, or sexism.  

A Watermark of Their Face on Each Page of a Resume

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A watermark of your picture on your resume is considered inappropriate in the US. But “it’s common and expected in many countries outside the US,” says a poster. 

Puts Their Certificate of Baptism

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It is also a red flag when “someone puts their Certificate of Baptism under Certificates and Awards.” Getting baptized is not an achievement. 

“Surfing the Internet and Shooting Pistols” as Hobbies

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Any hiring manager will set aside a resume that includes browsing and shooting as hobbies. One HR recommends people “put something interesting” in their resumes to stand out, but these two won’t cut it. 

Beer Chugging Champion

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Beer chugging is a great way to have a great time with friends. However, when someone mentions they are a “Champion & Master of the Chug n Tug” in the Award section in a resume, that becomes a huge red flag.  

No Professional Email Address

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“A very unprofessional email is definitely one (red flag),” writes a hiring manager, “You see some insane emails. I knew someone who got an email address with ‘big daddy’ in it.”

Typographical Errors

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Several typographical errors indicate that the person does not pay close attention to details. They are also lazy since there are many online grammar checkers.

5 Years of Experience Using Software That Was Invented 2 Years Ago

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If a job candidate says they have five years of experience with software launched two years ago, that’s a huge red flag.  

Jumps From One Employment to Another

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Some hiring managers also have problems with people who rarely stick to one job. If they hold different positions in less than a year, it could mean they are unstable employees. They may cost you time and money training them, only for them to hop onto the next available job.  

Capitalizing Every Single Word

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Using all caps,” “capitalizing every single word,” and “not capitalizing any words and pretending that pronunciation doesn’t exist” are more resume red flags. 

Buzzword Salad

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One HR finds applicants who use buzzword salad “a bit too much.” But one user points out that applicants list extensive descriptions “to get past an automated Applicant Tracking System.”

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