24 Questions Men Want to Ask Women but Are Too Scared to Ask

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Men can be raised in a household filled with women and still have burning questions. Oftentimes, this boils down to men being unsure or too shy about framing the question. Thankfully, we have online platforms such as Reddit to clarify mysteries such as the following: 

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Do You Ever Wear Heels Just to Hear the Clip-Clopping of Them on the Pavement?

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The answer is a “yes” — louder than heels clicking on hard surface flooring. Many women choose shoes that strike the right balance between looks and the capacity to generate sound. “It is such an empowering feeling to walk in a silent hallway with really loud high heels…,” a Redditor said. 

What’s With All the Pillows?

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Everyone loves pillows, but many women enjoy building nests of pure fluffiness. It is all about comfort, but some male Redditors think it may be an evolutionary nurturing trait. “Secret uncovered. Women are secretly just birds in disguise.”

What Is With All of You and Being Obsessed With True Crime?

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Women make up a large portion of listeners and viewers of true crime content. But why? One Redditor says they are “indoctrinated early by our mothers who also liked true crime.”

How Can I Help Someone Who’s Having a Really Bad Time During Their Period?

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This is an excellent question that many female Redditors appreciate coming from men. “Don’t treat it as something disgusting. Keep a trashcan in your bathroom. Keep Pamprin or Midol on hand.” Even better if the trash container has a lid and a biodegradable liner for easy disposal.

Do You Actually Like It When a Man Approaches You With the Intention of Asking You on a Date?

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Many women voted for this answer: “I prefer if he gives me his contact information rather than asking for mine.” This move balances confidence with polite indifference, and it provides creates a level of comfort. 

Do You’ll Change Pads When It’s Full, Half, or Even a Tiny Bit?

Sanitary Napkin Or Feminine Sanitary Pad On A Orange Knitted
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This largely depends on how much of a menstrual flow we are talking about. During days of heavier flow, many women change them when they are half-full. “Pads are designed to feel dry-ish even when full, so it’s not that bad.”

Do You Admire a Guy After He Chooses to Be Vulnerable and Bare It All in Front of You?

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 As long as the feeling is genuine, women appreciate this emotional reaction from men. It is a matter of relationship dynamics. One Redditor commented, “Yes, it’s the ultimate sign of trust, and it’s an incredible turn-on for me.” 

How Can I Present Myself So That a Woman Would Feel More Comfortable Approaching Me?

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The best Reddit answer to this question is “Eye contact and smiling…If she likes what she sees she will smile back and maybe even come over to talk to you.” Don’t forget, “Casual eye contact, not glaring.”

How Do You Smell Good All the Damn Time?

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Scientifically, it’s pheromones that women release that make men attracted. Other reasons are “soaps, lotions, deodorant, fabric softener. Maybe even a spritz of body oil. “

Why Do They All Put Their Hand on Their Man’s Stomach for Photos?

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One Redditor jokingly said, “Cause I love him so much, I wish I could get him pregnant.” But on a more serious note, the consensus is, “We want to make sure whoever is looking at the pic to know this is my romantic partner, not my friend.”

What Food Do We Really Need to Order?

A Young Woman Holding And Eating A Hamburger French Fries
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You can try playing the ‘Guess what I want’ game, but it is better to order more fries. This Redditor is frank about it: “You don’t ask if we want extra fries. You just get them.”

What Is the Best Way to Ask Out on a Date?

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Making small talk before getting to the point is always preferred. Once this is accomplished: “Have a plan. Even if it’s just a picnic in the park.” If you are the one asking, you must also be prepared to execute accordingly.

What Do Women Check Out on Men?

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 As can be imagined, the answer to this question is subjective. One Redditor says, “I love when men have a sense of style. Like if they took time to cultivate and embody an aesthetic.”

What Do You Say You’re Fine When You’re Obviously Not and Get Mad at Us When We Try to Help?

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According to one Redditor, “Sometimes it’s an overreaction, and we know it’s an overreaction, and we just need a few minutes to process it and move on.” Another Redditor chimes in, “(It’s) because of the crippling fear of being seen as dramatic, too emotional or too sensitive, fear of being brushed off or ignored.” 

Why Must All Flat Surfaces Be Covered With Trinkets and Such?

Modern Decoration Concept. Casual Young Lady Putting Glass Vase With
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“(It’s) because we get gifted so many little trinkets we want to display them, and it’s nice to have something fun and cute to look at.”

Do You Get Pee Shivers?

Cropped Woman Holding A Paper Roll And Suffering From Diarrhea
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Women get pee shivers too, but not as often as men. One Redditor confirms, “Definitely. Especially if I’ve had to hold it for a while.”

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Vagina?

Swim Flippers Mask Snorkel In Mesh Gear Bag And Hat And
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A Redditor says, “(It) is like carrying a cute little swim bag with a deflated inner tube neatly folded up inside.” Another commented, “It’s like having a faucet that is constantly just slightly leaky.” 

Why Do You Say You’re Not Hungry and Then Start to Eat My Fries?

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 “Because I wasn’t hungry until I saw and smelled them” is the right answer from a physiological standpoint. Many women have more fine-tuned nerves in their olfactory system than men. 

Do You Really Not Believe We’re Not Thinking About Anything?

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The answers vary, but one Redditor says she believes it, exclaiming, “I absolutely believe there is nothing going on in that head, or it’s some weird abstract thought that’s best unsaid.”

Why Don’t You Just Go For It When You Like a Guy?

Man Trying To Put Off Wedding Band From His Finger.
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The short answer: “Because not all men wear engagement/wedding/promise rings. “

How Can Some of You Just Not Care During and After the Arguments?

Woman feeling stressed
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 If there was an argument in the first place, there was at least one reason to care about it. Some women are pretty good at seeming aloof when they really aren’t; this could be a coping mechanism. “We get on the little things, and it will be on our mind for days, weeks, months, years. So it might seem like she doesn’t care, but she could have it on her mind.”

Who Teaches You How to Do Makeup?

Attractive Young Woman Doing Her Makeup In Front Of The
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The modern answer involves watching tutorials on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.  

Do You Believe Men Can Moisturize Their Own Skin as Well?

Healthy Skin Care Beauty Asian Young Woman In Bathrobe Towel
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Context is the key, with one Redditor saying, “If the place is clean, the guy is well-presented and gives off an air that he takes care of himself, then I’d assume it’s for moisturizing.” 

Do You Notice When Guys Adjust Their Balls in Public?

Tennis: Image Showing A Two Tennis Balls In Hand Close Up
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The consensus on this answer is yes, but it is not a big deal. It happens, and it is seen as part of men’s lives. “I rarely notice, but when I do notice, I don’t care. Clothes get uncomfortable sometimes- totally understandable.”

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