19 Great Life-Saving Supplies You Should Always Have at Home

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It’s good to be prepared for any situation. While having insurance up-to-date is great, there are more practical steps to take. Securing your home with essential supplies can save your family’s life during a natural disaster. Make sure you have these 19 items bundled together in packs around your home for easy access.

Extra Doses of Your Medication

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If you are on medication, pack extra doses of the same in the emergency kit. For instance, have spare insulin shots if you have diabetes. 

Also, have “OTC medications like pain relievers, NSAIDs, antibiotic ointments, and antifungals.

Solar Lights

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Solar lights are an excellent way of keeping the lights on during a power outage. A user shares, “During our last power outage, we realized the solar outdoor lights worked for indoors after dark. We put them in vases around the house.” 

Camping Stove

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A camping stove (with enough fuel) will help your family enjoy hot meals for a while. 

Jugs of Water

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Don’t forget to add lots of water for drinking and hygiene. “You can’t live long without water,” points out a user. 


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In case there’s a power outage, batteries can power flashlights, radios, and other electronic devices. 

Non-perishable Food

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“I got doomsday prepper survival food because I live in Houston, and we have hurricanes. I can keep it in my closet for 25 years, and it will always be there,” shares a user. 

Stocking up long-lasting MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) can also save you from hunger. A Katrina survivor says, “MREs are high calorie and nutrient dense.”


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A flashlight is also vital for survival since you can use it as a signal for help. Moreover, it is a better and safer light source than a candle.


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Why do you need propane if you already have a camping stove? Well, propane is cheaper and performs better during cold temperatures. Since propane is highly flammable, store it in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. 


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Having a battery-operated radio allows you to get a reliable source of information during an emergency. 

Can Opener

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So you’ve got several cans of food, but how do you open them without a can opener? Unless you know how to open a can using a spoon, you should pack a can opener in your emergency kit. 

Hunting/Camping Knife

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You can do so much with a hunting or camping knife: “cutting, opening things, working with rope, etc.” If there’s still room in your emergency backpack, include an ax too. You can use it to open doors or chop down wood. 


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“Being able to heat things will become invaluable,” says a poster on the importance of having matches. 


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How can you keep warm without power? Blankets. “These can help preserve body heat. Many don’t know, but shivering causes you to expend a lot of calories,” details a post.  An emergency blanket in your car can also keep you warm if you get stuck on the road in a blizzard. 


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If you have to go outside but it’s raining, wearing a poncho can keep you dry and retain body heat. 


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Why have a map when you can use the internet for navigation? Well, there’s a probability that cell towers are down. So, a paper map would be your next best option. 

Hard Copies of Documentation

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One user recommends, “Have IDs, medical information, contact list, birth certificates, passports, titles, and recent photos of loved ones and pets to help with the reunion, etc. Keep it all in a folder or a safe so you can grab it if needed.” 

Satellite Phone

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Also, having a satellite phone ensures you have reliable communication with the outside world.

First Aid Kit

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Some items to pack in a first aid kit include “lots of gauze, cleansing materials for wounds, and surgical tape” and “tourniquets, antibiotics, and sterilization supplies.”

Water Filter

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“You will eventually run out of water, and a filter allows you to make any water portable,” says a commentator. 

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