18 Huge Trends That Everybody Forgot About

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Will TikTok, social networking, and other modern technologies eventually become distant memories? No, not any time soon, but they might wind up being forgotten like these 18 trends.

Everything Was Mustache-Themed

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Remember back in the 70s and 80 when everyone had a mustache craze? When “girls were random with their quirky mustaches on a stick at beer gardens” or “drew it on their hands to hold up to their face”? Others even got a mustache tattoo.

Inflatable Furniture

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“Oh man, I forgot I had this growing up,” writes a commentator. Sadly, the furniture did not last long in homes with cats. And “the expected comfort of those chairs was highly inflated,” reads a post. 

Water Beds

Emptying And Dismantling A Pvc Waterbed Mattress.
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“If you were lying still in bed, reading or something, you could wiggle slightly and then ride the waves for a little while,” explains a user on why these beds were fun. But they were prone to leaks. 

Power Balance Bands

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These were also a trend as they were marketed as products that could “harmonize your body or chi.” Interestingly, most people bought the idea, with athletes investing in them for success.

Harlem Shake

Happy Carefree Young Woman Dancing Alone Having Fun At Home
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“Poor Baauer didn’t get the recognition he deserved from that song,” says a disappointed fan. Nevertheless, the Harlem Shake dance was “so good while it lasted. It united the world in silliness. Russian armies. Elementary school, offices, everyone got in on some of that and acted like freaking silly pants for no reason,” says a commentator.


Little Dependent Gamer Boy Playing On Laptop At Home
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One commentator says, “I haven’t played in years and kinda wanna get back into it.” Unfortunately, Neopets missed the trend and is “still using HTML skeleton’.

Young Adult Film Adaptations

Los Angeles Mar 12: Josh Hutcherson; Jennifer Lawrence; Liam
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There was also a time when there was a flood of young adult films adapted from books. Some successful YA film adaptations include The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Divergent


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“Segways were going to change the world,” recalls a poster. Or at least we thought they would. 

Flappy Bird

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One commentator remembers Flappy Bird as “the most rage-inducing game on earth,” while another calls it an “underrated game.”


Fingerboard. Skateboard. Hobbies. Background Texture
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Most online users agree they forgot about fingerboards because they grew up. One poster says, “Fingerboards are still the exact age range. We all moved on, but the tech decks stayed.” These boards are still common in elementary schools. 

AOL Chatrooms

Poznan Pol Jan 6 2021: Laptop Computer Displaying Logo
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Chartrooms, like AOL, were also popular in the 90s and early 00s. Now, only a few people remember them. “I met my husband in an AOL chat room. I’m so glad we met when we did because AOL axed their chat rooms a few months later,” says a user. 

Crackle Nail Polish

Female Carefully Painting Her Fingernails.
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This nail polish trend began in 2012, involving applying a top coat to the base coat while leaving cracks to expose the base color. One online user writes, “My nails were painted with crackle nail polish for my wedding. I’ll never stop regretting that.”

Burning CDs

Black Laptop With Cd Tray Open
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A fan who still loves CDs writes, “CDs aren’t a fad that went out of style. They are just obsolete because newer technology came along.”

Ice Bucket Challenge

Teenage Boy Pouring Bucket Of Cold Water Over His Head
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Did you try the viral ice bucket challenge with your friends? This trend even helped raise money (for research and medication) and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). 

Pokémon Go

Bangkok Thailand July 12 2016 : Apple Iphone5s Held
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“The first few weeks of Pokémon Go was the closest we’ve gotten to world peace,” reads a post. “It was crazy seeing kids, grown adults, sketchy people, and cops all coexisting to try and catch stuff,” reads another post. 


Millennial Guy Excited With Retro Game
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It’s unbelievable to think that late 90s and early 00s kids have forgotten about Tamagotchi. This handheld device featured virtual pet games where you’d play, care for, or clean after the pet.

One commentator writes, “The game that taught me I should probably never be trusted to take care of any living creature.”


London United Kingdom October 01 2018: Close Up Of The
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A commentator writes about when this game became popular, “Ahhh, going to the Farmville marketplace and announcing you can do work then waiting for someone to invite you to their farm. Good times!”

Another user says, “My grandma used to have a written schedule for that game. My family used to buy gift cards for the game for her.”

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Los Angeles Dec 12: Alvin And The Chipmunks At
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We cannot forget the era when popular songs had a chipmunk version. And once you heard the chipmunk’s cover, getting it out of your head was impossible. 

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